ya’ll love suckin’ the wrong dicks out here

the desire to suck the dick of who or what is popular has ruined our lives.
folks will enjoy being treated like shit just to put the figurative inches in their mouth.
i like suckin’ dick for pleasure and a good time.

i don’t suck dick because they have followers on ig or connects.

You know how many dicks I can suck on…

..because it cums wit connects?

you start being like all the other numbers in their phone asking them for shit.
its crazy because this shit doesn’t end in high school.
it goes into our college years and even at work.
corporate is notorious for this type of shit.

Some folks have terrible dick-sucking skills

you know the dick(head) has a bad reputation,
they have been sketchy af,
talk about folks behind their backs,
but they come and tell you someone opposite of that is terrible human and it’s:


do people ask why?
do they investigate?
do they question the motives and character of the dick(head)?
the dick(head) has charm,
and access to shit or can upgrade their life in some way…


to me,
the folks who were okay dropping you are the dangerous ones.
they don’t have minds of their own and will turn on you with the quickness.

Once a dick(head) fires shots at you,
you’ll see how quick they suddenly come at you too.

the dick could be attached to satan and it would perfectly be fine.

Wasn’t this the story of Jesus and Judas?

all i’m saying is be careful of some dick out here.
some dick,
no matter how good it looks,
ain’t good to be suckin’ up and on.
be thankful of those who left your life who chose the enemy to suck on.
consider it a blessing.

Those are the types who will be up under a table,
on their knees,
suckin’ a real dick to get put on.

never underestimate what someone will do/betray to leave their old lives behind them.
even if they’re disrespected and emotionally slutted out.
watch out for those who have to keep on suckin’ bad dick because they chose wrong.
we don’t acknowledge those types.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “ya’ll love suckin’ the wrong dicks out here”

  1. So true…just ask Tyrese! Them high school skillz come back into play real quick. Lmao

  2. I heard gotdamnzo is infamous for suckin dick and getting caught up, and not receiving nothing in return. Just sucking dick, just because. Nothing wrong but for some one who has bashed a lot of us down here, we all know his hole and mouth is used up and ran through. Nothing more to elaborate but he has got himself into a lot of nonsense lately and it’s highly spectated that he’s dealing with numerous issues with his social media career, his recent outburst, and his entitlement to thinking he has the best head. Chile— Atlanta really is small. He can’t handle L.A., especially after some incident that caused him to be chased out. But his record of the men he been with is nothing special. My ex even left him for using too much teeth.

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