Don’t Be Sittin On My Baller Wolf (I’ll Be The One To Bring It 2 Ya)

everyone has been asking me my opinion on this scandal.
the “yolanda/russell wilson/no ciara” scandal.
as you know (or didn’t) ciara’s best friend,
yolanda frederick,
was dragged from here to timbuktu.
she was on video sitting on ciara’s hubbys lap earlier this week.
ciara’s husband is nfl baller wolf,
russell wilson.
on the lap with “hand on thigh” action.
well then she thought it was a good idea to throw this up on her ig…

…which lead to even more of a dragging.
she deleted it with the quickness.
i feel she is way out of line.
i’m all for my bff knowin my mcm.
all the shit she is doing is leading to a heavy wtf.
if star fox was alive,
and i was dating a baller wolf,
i would have no issues with them being cool.
sitting on his lap tho?
putting up pictures with hand raised emojis?
that’s grounds for a soul shaking slap.

maybe i’m seeing it wrong,
but i gotta ask the foxhole,
if you were ciara…

Would you think your best friend was crossing the line with your s/o?

maybe it’s different for males?

eta: this is the video…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Be Sittin On My Baller Wolf (I’ll Be The One To Bring It 2 Ya)”

  1. Yes, she went too far. This would make the most secure person uncomfortable. The hand on her thigh is a bit much in my opinion. Ciara just cannot stop being embarrassed by those in her surroundings. I would have been upset to be honest.

  2. It’s not different for msm situations. This bff is waaaaay out of pocket. Ciara better check her real quick, AND in public too! You cut up in public, you get chastised in public

  3. She needs to check her husband as well.

    This is why you can’t always keep the same friends you had when you were single. A lot of people in general (women and men) are thirsty for a relationship, plus envious of what others have. You gotta watch!

    no one has any boundaries these days. I’m glad I’ve never been too trusting of people. Ciara should know the game better as long as she’s been famous.

    As cold as it sounds ol girl is the help! You have her do her job and move along. Keep it professional. You don’t confide in the help and have them around all the time and call them a friend. They don’t have shit to lose! Women in general need to stop telling so much of their business to the hairstylist and makeup artist.

    1. Russell didn’t know any better. He called her over. That’s shit that happened with his EX wife’s friends most likely. He should’ve immediately gotten nervous and looking over his shoulder. And in the real world Ciara would have excused herself from whatever conversation shewas having. Waddled over and everybody would have had to get up.” Make like my song with Chamillionaire and Get Up.”

  4. Invited her to sit on his lap and he seems to be the one comfortable with his hand on her hip. There are some intimate places on the body that are only touched when there is, has been or will be intimacy between 2 people (3 or more if you issa freak) the middle or lower back, face, neck and thigh or hip )

    She almost seemed uncomfortable but definitely has sat in his lap and maybe a few other body parts before

  5. They both are out of line and they know it. They remind of the kind of people that try to figure out how far they can get away with something.

  6. Um yeah definitely inappropriate, sitting in his lap today and riding that dick the next. I don’t get it, both parties were dead wrong for this one, and she talking about she was blushing, she probably got a little moist down there I know I would have. Russell cannot be this naive.

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