am i the type that likes to be surprised with flowers? (i might?)

i’m a lowkey romantic at heart.
don’t tell everyone or make a gay parade out of it.
i try to keep it on the low.
i’ll be honest

I’d fall out if my manz surprised me with flowers

that probably sounded gay af but whatever.
i don’t demand flowers but if i got them,
that would make me really happy.
i really like how russell wilson surprised ciara with flowers on his ig…


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i love how this video stopped at 1:11.
angel numbers anyone?
i was thinking about something today…

What if you don’t ask The Universe for a man,
but you ask for the things you’d do when you have him?

besides sex,
what are other things we would do together?
when i think about it,
that makes me feel good.
i think we get so caught up in “how good we will have sex”,
and thats fine,
but i want my manz to do more than give me dick.
i want him to be madly in love with all aspects of me.
i want him to surprise me with flowers when i didn’t expect him to.

lowkey: i dont want to be like russell wilson and ciara.
i want to be like jamari fox and insert my manz here.

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10 thoughts on “am i the type that likes to be surprised with flowers? (i might?)”

  1. 1st Russell has always been my Celebrity Crush.

    2nd I can smell his lust and love for her. I blush every time I see them together( smile)

    1. Good. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Maybe more corny and less of the cool crowd that’s running a much in our community.

    2. What does a raggedy ass person with a dimwit name like “Baby” know about corny? Sashay Away Trollette☹️🚫

  2. This is how you do it. She didn’t know he was coming. He didn’t try to make a big deal about surprising her. He stayed in a dark area. Soon as he seen her, bam, with the flowers. That’s how you keep your relationship going the way they are going. They support each other in their careers. She don’t mind being a basketball wife and celebrity second to him. They don’t try to outshine each other when one is doing something. When he playing in the game, she doesn’t do interviews about her career. Its all about Russell. When he be at her events, he don’t do interviews about what his team is doing. I love their dynamic as a family! They don’t care about the cameras, they care about each other.

  3. I’m here for it and if this is corny then sign me up. A man romancing his lover (man or woman) is a beautiful thing. I’m a classic hopeFUL romantic so I want roses white or red and throw in some baby’s breath too. If you really want to get the draws then just get me some red calla lilies.

  4. Baby will be on here at age 75 pining about how trade still wants to keep him a secret. Grow up.

    And Jamari, flowers are nice, but surprising me with food or electronics is better. Get me a burger and I’m content haha

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