that time joe budden didn’t know the vixen he wanted to tap was trans

i’m not gonna lie to you foxhole…

I am absolutely fascinated with Joe Budden.

there i fonted it.
i really want to have a conversation with him.
i find him to be an enigma because i cannot figure him out.
he is a virgo male and no cap but they do be like that.
so i went down the rabbit hole on his past stuff.
i saw a clip about him being attracted to carmen carerra,
who happens to be a trans-vixen,
on couple’s therapy in 2015

this is where the iconic gif stemmed from.
you can see where his brain legit blew up.
i was really intrigued that he was very transparent about it:

i love how he said that in front of the vixen he was dating at the time.

excuse me?
i liked how he was curious and respectful.
he also doesn’t seem to have a problem with gays.
according to him,
from the video clip,
he isn’t homophobic.
he is welcoming and open-minded in that regard.
he loves gays and gays love him.

From what I’ve seen of Joey,
he has never been problematic towards gays like other rappers.

i still have questions about his alleged bisexuality.
knowing joe budden,
he will say something to further makes you even more confused.
you know he likes to talk in riddles.

damn this sexy-voiced bald wizard wolf!

lowkey: i swear he said something about if he dated a male,
he wouldn’t put the paws on him.
something on his podcast where he was explaining he isn’t abusive.
he wouldn’t abuse another dude or some shit.

7 thoughts on “that time joe budden didn’t know the vixen he wanted to tap was trans

  1. Joe is a typical masculine trade who’s enamored by trans women. The best of both worlds

  2. 🤣 @ lesbians just need some good D. I know it’s ignorant but still hilarious. Anyways… Joe is showing classic bisexual curiosity. I love seeing him being transparent about it and you can actually see the questioning process. That’s what we need to see more of on television. If we can normalize our feelings, emotions and attractions then we can get to a better place of acceptance and understanding.

    Joe Budden would be some good trade to blow and smash then throw back to the wild.

    1. Some of these comments is why straight men gay bash. Y’all are quick to label a dude as curious because he’s cool with gay shit. I don’t believe JB is curious about engaging with anyone born a male or assigned as a male at birth.

      1. Chile nobody labeled him anything more than what he labeled himself. Did you actually watch any of the videos?!? Or are you just projecting?? Hmm.

        But him being attracted to a trans and having questions for the gay man is simple bisexual curiosity… my best friend proclaimed he was straight but would ask me so many questions about the lifestyle just to find out that he was dibbling and dabbling in the life.

        FOH with that toxic masculinity bullshit.

  3. I remember when Pose first came out, Joe Budden was live tweeting about it and how fascinating it was to him.

    He also once said lesbians just needed some good D smh

  4. Joe is a typical freak. Masculine as hell, knows the lingo, but you will never know his preference until you catch him in the act.

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