so i’m up last night,
playing ps4 with some friends around 1am,
and decided to randomly check ( x my twitter ) on random.
you know how twitter has that new feature called:
“in case you missed it”?
well the following was the first thing that popped up on my tl.
it was a cap locked word vomit from our fearless leader.
this is what it said

so he’s in shouting on twitter,
going tf off,
at damn near 12am?

does he really run his own twitter?
who deemed this acceptable?
i find this all very strange.
you know what else is strange?
going off on another president who doesn’t have twitter.
iran don’t got no twitter tho.

lowkey: so is this “making america great again”?
makes sense.


  1. TheDarkMagician we living in some serious times. Glad to see us paying attention. I noticed the North Korean silence as well. This man is in bed with the devil..

  2. This bitch is gonna cause WW3! In addition to the pending Race War that is bound to happen!

  3. 1. Notice how we’re not beefing with N. Korea anymore, so now it’s Iran. Both countries have a centralized bank that isn’t owned by the Rothchild family, so they are enemies.
    2. I believe Trump is acting as a “soft opening” for whoever is coming next. He’s opened the door, the next person or the person after is going to reak havoc on this country and compound on Trump’s policies and take them further.
    3. I believe that whatever profound change/ revolution that will happen in this country is at least 7-10 years away from now. I honestly believe that.
    4. I unfortunately see black people not being ready as a collective for whatever’s coming.

    Live your life, but be safe out there, y’all. ❤️

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