does lamont johnson has some sex leakage for us?

so ya’ll made lamont johnson upset.
he made an “onlyfans” page,
revealed “his little cutie”,
and the foxhole wasn’t feeling it.
he took all his posts down and posted this yesterday:

so the pipe may be cute to some,
but what about how he uses it?
well a foxholer sent me an alleged exclusive to share….


if that is him,
it looked like her cootie cat wasn’t all that slippery.
i’d imagine if you’re moaning like that,
it would be like:

again: i could be wrong tho.
vixens are known to fake it.
from the looks of it,
the sex was kinda standard.
nothing to go wait in line for.
for me,
i didn’t get horny while watching.
so “eh”.
something like ( x this ) or ( x this )would make me hot tho.

 those links are worth 20 dollars,
but that’s my opinion tho.

instead of lamont being in his alleged feelings,
he needs to do better tho.
if folks gonna do “onlyfans”,
they gonna have to have thicker fur.
if not,
don’t do it.


lowkey: am i the only one happy to see a black vixen?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “does lamont johnson has some sex leakage for us?”

      1. @Jamari Fox… I think she was mos def faking. Its like watch straight porn and you hear the bitch screaming her lungs out and you just like bitch stop playing. That mofo is literally like 6.5 inches regular. NO girth. Like Lamont. lol Looks like his dick doesnt get much bigger when its hard. He simply dont have any girth. But, I do like a nice ass. And he mos def has that. lol

    1. @J… lmfao. Right. I mean it probably feels good, but its not big enough for her to be making them pornstar moans and shit. And he doesnt have any thickness to it. NO girth at all.

      1. Women are made differently just like men.. You dont need horse dicks to please a woman.. Wtf is wrong w yall niggas…

      2. @Jaye…. no shit. Women are made differently. lol wow. I bet you aced Human Anatomy. Anyways, he still aint thick enough for her to be sounding like that. Usu. a man with girth (whether he has length or not) may have a bitch moaning for their life. Ask any damn woman, and the majority will SAY they prefer GIRTH to length! He lacks girth.

      3. My dick is bigger than his and i’m only 19 lmao. I ain’t checking for him anymore unless it’s a solo video of him playing with that hole lmao

  1. He honestly should have kept this all a mystery to us. Having that mystique was sexy. But now,well…. bloop. Lol

    1. ^but…
      they all said it would be better if he wasn’t a mystery.
      along with looking like obj,
      being mysterious is what made him so interesting.
      he might end up with george hill and the rest.

      i would never have told him go this route,
      but since he went,
      he needs to go super hard and at least make it interesting.

      1. @jamari in the cemetery ⚰⚰⚰⚰ with so many past other insta fames. George fell off really bad and never resurrected

      2. Once they show the goods…the interest is no longer there! Look at that guy Jeramie. Once he revealed that big dick of his…it was a wrap. Lol

        This guy is handsome, has a nice body, and a nice size dick on him. I’m not disappointed. Not everyone needs a wall buster, and not everyone can handle one!

        BUT, these dudes need to realize…keep the mystique if you want to hold their attention.

  2. His thot antics didnt gain him the notoriety he was seeking, now he mad. Lmao.

    He became a flop so fast, he might as well do something controversial….like getting that fat ass played with

  3. The ass was the highlight if he had bent over Let her finger or eat his ass that would have made this interesting.

    I still think this was not the move for him the mystic and mystery was what helped him stay interesting. Now im sure he’ll be at the same place deven vinny or George hill is.

    Also these onlyfans/connectpal/etc. Users should realize that we come to porn to see folks fucking in a way we can’t. I don’t want to see regular people type sex I want you to do something i can’t do or won’t do create a fantasy or something.

  4. Well that was fast, it was good while it lasted, but it goes to show you to save your money, all those poor suckers oops I mean fans who paid their money for nothing, now he is in his feelings. No one ever said, having a nice body and cute face came was a guarantee to be smart as well. If you are going to go this route, you have to think of it as a business and gotta do something a little strange for the change.

    Personally to me, Royal G, this dude, Steven Beck, George Hill, King Agu all are beautiful sexy men who I am sure most other Black men who are attracted to Black men would find attractive and desirable, but you cant play both fan bases, if you are going to be successful in this type of business set up, you are going to have realize that your paying customers are men and you have to realize that you cant be doing this little Mickey Mouse PG-13 shit to keep most freaky men intrigued enough to continue supporting you. Its either HARDCORE or go HOME! Feelings are for the bird, you have to forgot those when you first drop your drawers if not, keep your drawers on.

    It is so many good looking dudes who have access that the market is saturated and even when you are easy on the eyes like these Attentionista’s, it is always someone else who can take your place, so nobody is going to miss you when you gone ask George Hill, Flashman Wade, Steven Beck or any number of the once hot boys who are now ice cold. It is only so much skin you can show before you become a boring washed up act. Maybe this dude thought he was special.

    The best most of these dudes will do as models is a couple of shoots for Marvin Bienamme and some Eventbrite fashion shows/nude painting parties and a feature or two on a couple of Blogs, that is the sad reality for most of these Brothers, even though in my opinion they are some of the best looking men around but the decision makers who have the funding rarely see Black men in no other setting but the usual Urban stereotypical scene we have seen so many times before. As a man of color who wants to use his face and body to make a living, you are going to have to find your own unique niche. The very thing that makes you an Attentionista, social media is the very thing that is most of their downfalls.

    Again if you are going to sell Dick and Ass to pay the bills, do it all the damn way and make your shit stands out. Use these leak clips to your advantage for free publicity, he probably made a lot of people more interested in him from how I see it.

  5. I agree that he was better off as a mystery. However once you create an onlyfans account that whole “mystery” conversation goes out the window. Its either you show us what you’re working with or stay off those hoeing websites. Once you create an onlyfans account you’ve gone past the teasing stage because you’re offering “exclusive” (overstatement) content for a fee. At that point we want to see everything if we are paying for it.

    The mystery shit is cute if you’re still trying to protect your brand and take yourself a bit more seriously. But once you create an onlyfans account you basically let your followers know that you’re willing to be a thot for some change and thats fine. But I’m just saying.

    As far as branding I think he’s played himself at this point.

    That “ask me a question” thing is such BS & I started unfollowing some folks for getting excessive with it.

    Speaking on George Hill, I don’t see him pursuing music either.. I guess he realized that folks only kept up with him to see him be a hoe rather than listen to him. It goes to show that there is a shelf like with this IG attentionisto lifestyle. He does have his college degree though.. *shrugs*

    The attentionistas are luckier because women have way more opportunities banking in on their appearance than men do, the beauty industry makes more money out of and from women. Women also have an easier time bagging wealthy men just for being pretty. Gay guy’s are usually somebody’s temporary kept dirty little secret.

    It is what it is.

    1. ^amazing break down 96.

      im actually kinda turned off from lamont now.
      he showed us how common and desperate he was and his sex appeal took a hit.
      this is just my thoughts tho.

  6. It’s actually quite sad that NONE of these guys know how to leverage their faces, bodies, or followings to get to the next level. Steven Beck almost made it, but as you can see, he’s back to selling that ass/dick in LA(allegedly.) I live in LA and fine men with bodies are a penny a dozen. You have to be clever and make yourself stand out. Unfortunately, these guys see Onlyfans as the Onlyway to monetize their attention. Once you cross over into that territory, you’ve told your fanbase that your willing to take it there for fee, and sadly most are not. Shower videos, and dick prints under towels arent going to suffice when people are paying a fee. A large part of these guys appeal is a sort of mystery. Whats his sex game like? How big is his dick? Is he an oozer or a shooter? These are the things to keep people coming back. Once you evaporate the air of mystery and create xrated content, it better be worth it. You have to really go there because once your fans have seen your sloppy sex game and little dick, coupled with your dry personality, you cant go back to teaser vids on ig and snap. Its over…

  7. Damn y’all writing long ass paragraphs criticizing dude… If ya dont like the FREE clip stfu..It aint like y’all spent money … Damn judgmental ass gays…

    1. do you need a hug or something because you big mad it’s not even deep. Out of all the comments you’re the only one in your feelings

  8. Why does everyone expect these insta-models/thots to have a big huge dick swinging between their legs to match their muscle or thirst-trapping teases?

    That’s not how life works lol I may be the only one who wasn’t disappointed.

    Average sized-dicks abound. I think porn which has spilled over into social media in some aspects has seriously distorted our reality of penis size.

    I agree that his ass is nicer to look at though. I want to squeeze it lol.

  9. I’m not going to spill any tea but that’s def him and his dick is wack. I know from personal experience

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