you can call ramses principe a model now

he looks like caramel corn.
so i like ramses principe.
you already know this.
i don’t really consider him to be an attentionisto.
he is a brand at this point.
well ramses put up ^that caramel corn picture the other day.
it was during 2018 miami swim week and he was in a show.
he was gonna walk the runway for “omg miami swimwear”.
you know i was on the hunt for a video.
well it dropped today and this is his modelling debut

he shows up @3:40:

i was waiting to see that tail in those tight ass shorts.
we can just go to his ig page and see it in many different views.

he looked good tho.
you can tell he was nervous af,
unlike seth who came out there with full “i’m the shit”,
but ramses did his thing.
i can just imagine him walking into a bedroom late at night.

i hope to see more from him on the modelling front.

lowkey: is it me,
or is ramses just a good wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “you can call ramses principe a model now”

  1. I bet he tastes great…..I mean he looks gorgeous af. I can’t wait to see him continue this route of looking like a gorgeous piece of caramel

  2. I gotta give it to him, he really does brand himself well. Nothing too personal on his page, shares just enough about himself, and he has legitimate businesses all at 27-28.

    Plus he’s got the at least top 5 best glutes on instagram 😂😂😂🤗

  3. A beautiful specimen. Lamont and the rest of the attentionistos should take notes. This is how you tease without fucking up your money supply.

  4. Peep when he comes out and the group of people in the front row on the right go crazy. The one guy takes a pic of his ass and is happy as hell and the girls are giddy as fuck! LOL

    He has the body, and looks. He seemed nervous, but the walk was a little confident! Not as confident as Seth (who’s been doing this longer), but he got it!

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