where the wild things are gonna be (tumblr)

so tumblr has slowly started it’s much-dreaded clean up.
all adult blogs are getting scrubbed thoroughly with bleach and ammonia.
even though there is an outcry for protest,
i feel it will all fall on deaf ears.
so what’s next?
it seems an artist,
by the name of “banana gayllery”,
drew exactly what’s probably gonna be the next stop.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

twitter is about to be bombarded since they currently have “no rules”.
if you search “freak twitter”,
there is already a rough neighborhood there already.
after december 17th

at one point,
i couldn’t even open up my twitter in public.
i remember standing in a crowded line at a past job,
waiting for the elevator,
and a trail of pipe and butt cheeks was all over my timeline.
i had to start doing my own clean up.
i don’t wanna see that shit all day.
don’t worry tho.
once folks start doing “too much” on twitter,
they’ll be another massive clean up.

Where to next?


lowkey: it’s one thing to be sexual and another to be perverted.
know the difference.

cartoon cc: banana_gayllery

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “where the wild things are gonna be (tumblr)”

  1. Well there are plans afoot to do something about this.

    There is ‘A Guy’ who is over seeing the production of Cumblr and has informed me he has a team put together and they’re aiming for a December 17th launch!

    The plan is to set up a site where users can easily transfer from Tumblr to their site Cumblr.

  2. As part of the art/entertainment community, most of us sorta welcome the Tumblr cleaning since Tumblr has a buatobus community of regualr artists, animators, comic artists, media entertainers and other arts. Tumblr is not going to feel a dent with that part of the community because the porn just brought the people, not the profit.

    Freak Twitter is something too but Jamari, I have to ask, Why are these folks not going to sites that cater to pornography. Pornhub, Xtube, and others like them have forums, picture pages and personal profiles, where they can advertise their services provided they arent doing something illegal.

    I generally wouldn’t care about them leaving porn on Tumblr but the amount of child porn on there was sickening and it crossed over into the baiting world, not to mention these folks were charging people for pics of unaware nude men. Not to sound like Mr. Morals, (cause I’m not an angel) but I can bet that most folks into baiting would have a fit if they found out someone was secretly passing around their nude pics and making a profit off of it.

    Now banning NSFW altogether on Tumblr was a bit extreme since nudity can be art but I think the fact that they were losing sponsors and maybe the laws might have been on their asses too about the child porn, they were under pressure. So just axe all dat ish.

    A lot of Onlyfans folks are happy too because they say it will cut down on piracy of their vids and oh boy how uninformed they are.

    1. ^i can agree with your points.
      most of tumblr was responsible for their downfall.
      i wouldn’t be shocked if someone huge was behind the sudden wipe.
      i don’t get why some didn’t utilize pornhub,
      but i see a rise of amateur entertainment on there now.
      that might be the new wave.

      the child porn was RIDICULOUS.
      i saw teens getting baited and their nudes being sold.
      it was getting a tad crazy and out of control.
      so they gotta go.
      other nude art shouldn’t get the boot,
      but they can’t keep one and drop the other.
      i’m sure tumblr will be a better place for art and creative talent again.
      some tumblr pages are so inspirational.

      onlyfans folks forgot there is pornhub and other places.

      1. Listen, what changed my mind was a vid that was crosspossed. It was on the bait page but was crosspossed to Myvidster, you couldn’t really tell cause the vid was blurry but when you pressed play…your eyes will bleed…A full grown a** black man with someone that doesn’t look even 10 And for second you quickly click off and can’t unsee what you just saw.. that stuff burns into your mind because no matter how much you try not to think about it, some little boy or girl is out there getting touched by some grown man (or woman cuz women do it too.)

        Yeah, you gotta be careful these days sharing pics. These young Cubs be out here thinkin they talking to females and be showing all they body parts beyond and they just be circulating. It’s gonna be one day where something like that comes and bites you in the butt.

        Who was that cute little guy that could sing. He used to be with them globalbros and he said he believed his porn past may have be a reason he lost that singing competition. True enough you can go online and see Khi beating his breaks..off.

        Idk..they just need to find that one place. Im not so sure about the cumblr thing unless they are FILTERING AND BANNING child porn on some of these Tumblr blogs. Imma be real with you. I’ll look at Cumblr (sexy wolves..yahhoo) but if I see even the slightest hint of pedophilia randomly pop across my future feed..it ain’t gonna be pretty for them at all…

  3. I doubt Pinterest because you just see a bunch of pictures and no source [worse than tumblr].i feel like since I was a erotic writer owner, I’m not sure of another platform being I used nude drawings as well. But I won’t lie, tumblr in 2011-14 was cleaner and safer. It had its nude and porn but when 2015 hit, the site became the dark web lol. Twitter is becoming annoying with the porn now, I enjoy it then again I’m tired of seeing the same faces getting plowed in Atlanta for 30secs only promo so I can watch a trash onlyfans..NOPE. I want a black person to create a new social media where everything is allowed. Insta/tumblr combined. You know how much it would make? Hehe

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