Back In The Closet

man-closet-home-deco-clean-wood-dark-590ch021011i stood in front of my closet,
face scrunched up,
asking myself:


i have an event to go to this evening.
and maybe future will flash before my eyes.
i needed to look like a brand new me.
surviving in the city with no job,
on a serious budget,
i hadn’t etched “new wardrobe” anywhere in my priorities.
my father would be proud.
he always insisted i learn to budget.
he would give me money in the morning,
and by that evening i either had a:
new shirt,
or a video game.
he use to say:

“money doesn’t grow on trees.”

i wanted to say:

“of course not silly.
it’s growing in your wallet.”

you ever went back into your closet and nothing… popped?
you wore all that the clothes before.
it’s like when you buy new stuff,
your closet gleams like a beacon.
i have all these clothes that i’m sure no one has saw me in.
thing is,
i saw me in them.
various occasions.
random events.
they touched my body before.
i’m over them.

i’ll have to put some pieces together.
see what i can create.
i’m usually good at that…

8 thoughts on “Back In The Closet

  1. I’m like a female when it comes to shopping and getting ready to get dressed. I have to get ready at least 2-3 hours before an event just to even try and be there on time. lol
    I’ve been meaning to visit a thrift store for a while now. That’s where most of the Tumblr peeps get their wardrobe from.

  2. Yea, I do the same. I don’t know what to wear some days. Most mornings I get up 7:30 and I don’t have class til 9, but I food around, and by the time I get ready it’s after 8:30 lol

  3. Hey J as a self confessed shopaholic its hard when your income is not what it used to be. What you need to do is go on various websites and see whats hot and then go in your closet and start trying on different things and put new things together that you would have never put together before. Also what has helped me is to wear the same thing all the time doing day to day things or to work. I also took some of my old shirts to the cleaners to give them a fresh new look. I miss new shit but hey sometimes your budget just want allow it, you should buy you one new thing on clearance and pair it up with something not so new. I found by just going thru my closet I had things I had forgot about or only wore one time. Also just keep on your mission to look good by building your body up going to the gym because at the end of the day, men will forget what you have on but will remember you when you are chiseled and sexy. Some of the finest dudes I have ever seen str8 of course lol have been the tackiest and I didnt care about any of that. If all else fails time to do a little thrift shopping and consignment, you can trade some of your old stuff in for other pieces, women do it all the time and always stay fly.

    1. ^hmmm.
      i love those ideas t.
      i’m about to boot up my gq mag and see what i can finagle.
      that website idea sounds good too.
      i’m feeling like a blazer kind of mood today.
      let me see what i can piece together.
      i hate when i can’t shop.

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