Do You Think He Is Alabama’s Finest?

-3one of my fav f-bi did a hit and run in my box.
he hit me with these picures of this wolf and then ran.
um hello???
can i get a name of the meat i’d like to ride???
anyway check out this no name’s beefy resume…

if i knew i was having company,
i’d freshen up sooner.
alabama’s finest, huh?
that’s what his name will be then.
i have no complaints.
do you?

lowkey: something tells me he is a pre baller wolf.
i maybe wrong tho.
his name is cj osiah.
thanks javon!


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photo credit: Jeffrey G. Cross Photography /Mocanu Photography / Uwe Grosse Photography

20 thoughts on “Do You Think He Is Alabama’s Finest?

  1. Womp…. he is nigerian. (*Jamari does he “look like” a “tribesman” to you? ) He is from the same place Nnamdi Asomugha is

  2. Im sorry, dont mean to sound like the foxholes favorite raccoon lol, but Im getting fox out of this deal. Body is beautiful, but something about those poses seem how can I say this nice, well I cant say it nice, so I wont say, but Kerry Rhodes is Alabama’s finest.

  3. I’m surprise to see a handsome Alabamian man. But I wouldn’t date him thou because I am a city boy and I don’t have time to be eating raccoon and going on huntin for some food. Maybe I could have sex with him since he is not one those white country boys that have sex with them farm animals.

  4. Ges handsome, and muscular. In his mind he may very well be Alabama’s finest. Nothing wrong with proclaiming it. Try seeing a White woman with every Niggaz fantasy tattooed on her chest. That was weird. At least he has the goods to support his theory :/

    S/N f-bi? I guess I could just google it huh?lol off to do that now.

  5. Very cocky tat. He’s fine, but I am sure it’s men finer than him there. There is always someone finer lol.

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