I Slept With Over 200+ Wolves In The Industry

not me.
but her:


everyone meet winter ramos.
the nobody cast member on love and hiphop ny.
i know she use to be fabolous assistant.
she barely had screen time in front the camera,
but has allegedly had some face time behind the scenes.
she allegedly offered a bunch of “eh” to “oh really now?” rappers her box.
the best way to talk about it?
the supahead route with a book.
at least she is getting a check,
rather than some quick free minutes on mediatakeout.
she admitted that she fucked:


to get revenge on:


baller alert
has the excerpt from her book:


“After leaving Game’s hotel room in hopes of Jadakiss being in another room and when he was not, I sought revenge. Jason wasn’t there and hadn’t been there. I got mad. What kind of business could he be handling that would keep him gone all night?

Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion and figured he was with another b*tch, although he’d never played me like that before. Out of spite, I returned to Game’s room.”


the book cover looks cheap as hell.
it reminds me of those hood novels.
the ones they sell on the street corner in china town.
one thing bugs me about this…

did she really do all this and has nothing to show for it?

that would actually be sad.
i hope she at least got some shoes.
maybe a bag.
are there any f-bi who wants to read it and bring back the details?
it hits bookstore on april 1st.
ironically on april fools.

check out winter on an episode of love and hiphop new york

5 thoughts on “I Slept With Over 200+ Wolves In The Industry

  1. she looks EXTRA regular. Game has finer chicks liking his instagram pics than this block. Unless she has 2 vaginas, I don’t believe it.

  2. Isn’t it a little late for a tell out book?

    Who wouldn’t smash The Game? This isn’t news. Some guys can get it, he has whatever “it” is, best to avoid him.

    She claiming/naming over 200 industry dudes. Can the CDC get a coochie culture? Goodness. That’s a lot of mileage on those dicks.

    This Spongebob built bitch got something permanent if she telling the truth.

    Most of it is probably lies anyway. Real whores and madams with any good juice don’t live very long if they develop diarrhea of the mouth.

    These new whores are something else.

    Nobody gets real estate licenses anymore? Become a broker to the stars/ballers? Network. All that sucking and fucking and you end up on a reality show?

    Hustling backwards.

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