your friend decides to hook you up with a wrestler.
his close friend happens to wrestle as a hobby.

he showed you two of his pictures on his tablet as a preview:

he doesn’t have anymore pictures,
but assures you that you will like him.
you go to meet him in a public place the next day.
this is what he looks like:

tumblr_lrzdfasIMu1qiszvh tumblr_lx9xwm0UsG1qzeuxmo1_400 tumblr_mbnwqio3N01qjm6tmo1_400

he has a good job,
really nice personality,
charming as hell,
and is pretty much everything you look for in a s/o.

…what would you do think about him upon first glance?

…and would you consider getting to know him better?

Honesty gets you 10 points

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEETUP WITH A FACELESS STRANGER: (25)”

  1. I almost fell out my chair laughing, before I clicked the picture I was already going to answer ill see him and see what his personality is about. After seeing the pics I would go on the date and see how he is hey the saying goes don’t burn your bridges

  2. I nearly choked on my skittles lol. Now I’m not being a hypocrite, I know I said I love what is on the inside just as much as the out, but I have limitations. I’m sorry, but I just can’t.

  3. It depends on the personality. Other than him being extremely dark, I don’t see an issue. That first pic, I can almost imagine him with skin the color of mocha.

  4. For me, his skin color has nothing to do with my opinion. I’ve love handsome men of ALL shades, but he’s not handsome to me. If was as light as MJ, Grant Hill, Chris Paul, or even Kevin Garnet, I’d still have to pass. KG is close to his complexion and I think he’s sexy. Different strokes for different folks…

  5. I like the first pic. I would give him a chance, but he is going to have to keep some facial hair because he does look abit androg.

  6. I used to be a champion wrestler and still love a challenge. His body looks very fit. I don’t like friends playing Cupid or trying to hook me up with people, but curiosity could have me meet. I’ve had some good experiences with Africans.

  7. “Other than him being extremely dark”… maybe you didn’t get the memo… the original man thing is very real, beside the darker … the purer it is …. He is simply a breathtaking man. if you can not see that,you ascribe to a sad lie

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