The Blind Was Led To Me

“hey wassup jamari.”
“who the hell is this?”


my rude ass,
but that is how it all started.
that was the text i got a few days ago.
didn’t know the number.
i wasn’t about to answer,
but something told me to.
who knew star fox would be involved in this…

this is how it all went down.

star fox decided to play “the dating game” all the way from atlanta.
he met a wolf who was visiting from new york.
they worked together on a project.
somehow they both became cool.
star fox thought he was cute,
but knew nothing would come of it.
after talking to him and finding out he was single,
he thought he would hook him up with… me.

star fox gave him my number and told him to text me when he got back to NY.

this is what’s happening now.

after cursin’ out star fox for giving some stranger my number….
wolf and i been talking every day since.
we talked on the phone last night and it was a good convo.

sidebar: spoke to to him while listening to the new justin timberlake album.
set the perfect mood.
we nearly had a phone bone session because of it.
i had to watch myself.
album is pretty good tho.


he is discreet.
mid 30s.
hybrid wolf,
but moreso on the wolf side.
doesn’t like getting fucked,
but will if the relationship called for it.
last relationship ended because of cheating.
3 years they were together.
isn’t in a rush to jump into another relationship,
but won’t rule it out.
has a slight temper.
favorite position is doggy style.
sometimes he might bend me over and eat the cheeks.
i fainted.
has worked hard to get to where he is.
has money.
has his own apartment in the city,
as well as a driver from the company.

he wanted to come over.
i declined.
i wanted too.
i’m not trying to fuck him yet,
but i will say he has potential.
i never spoke to a wolf like this before.
there is a big difference in older and younger wolves.
maturity and intelligence.
i don’t want to speak to soon.
we haven’t met yet,
but we’ll see how this goes.
right now,
i’m impressed.

19 thoughts on “The Blind Was Led To Me

  1. Maybe I’m the only one who is glad star fox did what he did. I mean a true friend or a person who cares enough for you will make a decision for you so that you can attain some growth is areas where you could use some help.

    Jamari I love ya alot foreal, you’re my foxy bro. But you need this bro, trust me you need it. I’m happy to see you got a lil honey dip to lick. We foxes need toys to play with too.

  2. Older dudes fuck and suck better. Maybe the confidence finally kicks in but they are just sexier. This is FACT. Lol

    I honestly couldn’t see myself dealing with any dude younger than 26 and I’m 23.

    The drawbacks of older dudes are they’re set in their ways and they’re ready to cuff quick when they like you.

  3. Make him wait for them goodies. Steve Harvey wasnt lying, and youll havent met either. Lets add this up. Probation is 90 days plus another 3 weeks because youll havent met yet. I say you should be getting your cakes beat like a drum in about 111 days. Good luck! LMAO

  4. I hope everything goes well with this new guy. From what you described, he seems like a nice guy. Just keep your mind open (not your heart….well not yet at least). I’m not saying be super guarded, but don’t put your guard completely down just yet. Go Jamari! I’m rooting for you! Keep us updated please!

  5. Glad to see someone’s love life has potential b/c my has been shit as of late, which is why I am focusing on myself right now. Anyway Jamari just live in the moment and take it step by step b/c when you try to make plans it never seems to work out. Dude does seem like a good catch though.

  6. First of all, I would have drove to the A and strangled Star Fox, most definitely lol. I hate when people do that. A friend of mine did that to me or at least he tried lol. I was like “what the fuck you found someone for me?” I was upset, not to mention that I was talking to a dude already and he knew it. GTFOHWBS lol.

    He sounds good so far Jamari. You need an older man in ya life. They might can teach you a thing or two. Just do not open up to him too much until y’all meet.

    1. ^i agree.
      his pic looks like someone i would be interested in.
      im seriously trying not to let him get some.
      it’s hard because older wolves been there,
      done that,
      and want the cheeks ASAP.

      1. Has he told you he wanted to hit or is that based on an assumption? Young guys are the ones who wanna hit first. I wouldn’t expect that from an older dude.

        1. ^he wanted to come over.
          at 1 in the morning.
          he wanted these butt cheeks.
          he even suggested I get in a cab and go over to his spot.
          he would pay for it.

      2. Yea, at 1am. You would have been a fool to have went. He is still pretty much a stranger. On some real shit, many dudes would have went lol.

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