All Roads Lead to Chadoy

the person attached to this body is turning me on nowadays…

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.16.34 AM

he is a mean lean short working out machine.
his body went from thick beef



nothing left to say.

9 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Chadoy

    1. ^thanks for the comment rick!
      make yourself at home.

      is your homie a hoe?
      whats the pipe situation looking like?
      why does his business partner look like some random vixen?
      how does he feeling knowing the majority of his followers are dudes?

      1. Lol he would kill me if he knew I was on this shit and naw he aint a hoe he’s a cancer he’s actually quite sensitive & haven’t met miss right can’t help you on the pipe situation cause he’s as straight as he can be and he feels fans is fans he’s not bothered at all unless they get weird and crazy

  1. See all this has motivated me to start working out. Sigh…..anyone got any tips tho on eating healthy cuz this shit is expensive lmao. Oh dude is cute I guess I pass tho

    1. I feel you shy. I want a nice body, but I can’t do it while in school. I do not have the time, food resources, and the money to buy healthy foods lol. My body has a muscular shape to it but it’s kinda small.

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