The Blind Was Led To Me

“hey wassup jamari.”
“who the hell is this?”


my rude ass,
but that is how it all started.
that was the text i got a few days ago.
didn’t know the number.
i wasn’t about to answer,
but something told me to.
who knew star fox would be involved in this…

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f0xswagg: Russell Westbrook… What Is This?

besides songzbird and his bright ass sneakers..

songzbird scored 6 points.
did anyone peep what russell westbrook was wearing at the celebrity allstar game?
well let me show you…

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He Was Like… Loafers From Payless When I Really Wanted Christian Louboutin


i always compared settling to shopping.
i know, the label hoe within my spirit.
i always felt like settling was going into one store and seeing a shirt i really liked.
they had no more in my size.
just the one in a bigger size that i know can’t fit me.
instead of maybe waiting for a few days or going to another store somewhere in the city,
i buy it in fear of losing out on such a great item.
or, never being able to get it because of fear.
come time to wear it to an event and it is too big and very ill-fitting.
i kick myself because i could have picked out another shirt or go to another store and see something better.

that seems to be the problem some of us having with dating.
we aren’t label whores when it comes to wolves, foxes, or even hybrids.
we just pick anything with a cute face, nice body, and a fat wallet.
seeing as how this lifestyle is “high on demand” and “less on quality“,
i often wondered if it is okay to settle for something that may just not be your perfect fit?
just pick up any ol whatever in the event we won’t be alone.
deal with whatever until we’re bored with him,
or until he shows us that he is really cheap material.
when it comes to settling…

Are we just doing it so we can say we have “it“?

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