The Blind Was Led To Me

“hey wassup jamari.”
“who the hell is this?”


my rude ass,
but that is how it all started.
that was the text i got a few days ago.
didn’t know the number.
i wasn’t about to answer,
but something told me to.
who knew star fox would be involved in this…

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So I told ya’ll I was @ a friend’s crib last night. Well we went out to mingle and came back to watch movies.

P.S = Working on Light Skinned that came over. Turns out he wasn’t messing/fuckin/or dating the mutual friend that brought him over. He kept slipping little looks on me here and there. He was my partner in cards and we wrecked these muthafuckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy and I make a good team. He needs to make it official so I can stop pounding this love pavement.

Anyway, so we were posted up @ like 5 in the morning in the living room, watching a movie when I get an YIM out the blue from this dude I been chattin with. Nothing serious. Met him off the chat site and we exchanged our YIM information. He is serious D/L and I haven’t seen a picture but allegedly from him, he plays ball. Whatever.

So it went a little like this…….

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