So I told ya’ll I was @ a friend’s crib last night. Well we went out to mingle and came back to watch movies.

P.S = Working on Light Skinned that came over. Turns out he wasn’t messing/fuckin/or dating the mutual friend that brought him over. He kept slipping little looks on me here and there. He was my partner in cards and we wrecked these muthafuckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy and I make a good team. He needs to make it official so I can stop pounding this love pavement.

Anyway, so we were posted up @ like 5 in the morning in the living room, watching a movie when I get an YIM out the blue from this dude I been chattin with. Nothing serious. Met him off the chat site and we exchanged our YIM information. He is serious D/L and I haven’t seen a picture but allegedly from him, he plays ball. Whatever.

So it went a little like this…….

Him: what you doin?
Me: Nothin. Watchin movies with friends.
Him: fuck yo friends. I’m OD horny. Go into the bathroom and let me get that pussy wet real quick

Now, I don’t have a pussy and I wouldn’t want one BUT that whole situation had me horny as hell. That kind of shit turns me on HEAVY.


Me: I’m at my friends crib though
Him: I don’t care about dem niggas. Go somewhere alone real quick.
Him: I want to call you real quick
Him: I want you to tell me how wet that pussy is

…. So you know I got THE FUCK UP and went to the bathroom down the hall. So he calls me (I never heard his voice before last night) and he sounded so fuckin’ good. He had that Harlem vocal swagga on lock. I love my Harlem boys. So we started to do our thing. He was whispering all extra sexy. He told me he got this mouth. He wanted me to play with my shit. Now Foxes, I got a smart ass mouth so I was giving it as he was giving it. That is one of the things that turns me on about him. He TRIES to talk to me any kind of way and I make sure he knows who I am.

Him, on phone: Yo you got a smart ass mouth
Me: Duh
Him: You are gonna make me fuck the shit out of you
Me: You better nigga

There was a point where he was just “talking” about nothing. That was my que to tell him shut the fuck up and finish what he started.

He liked that shit.

So after a good half an hour, I nutted and was pretty much ready to get off the phone. He had to go because (and get this) his girlfriend was sleep and he didn’t want her to wake up.

Well okay. I got my nut and so did he. Peace. I was missing the rest of the movie.

Good times.

Had to share that little excerpt from the book of Fox.

Later Foxes.

Brought To U By The Foxberry

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