X Marks The F0x: Producer Busted Getting Head From Tranny

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The Great D/L Man Hunt


… words from almost every black woman I have met.

Foxes, Wolves, Female Foxes, and Vixens.
Time for Jamari to spit that knowledge…
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So, here’s the thing with “him”…

So Mister J and I have been doing a lot more communicating than usual. He hits me up to just shoot the text or go off on issues that bother him.

…And there is always something bothering him!

I won’t lie, I throw a lot of flirting his way even though he is “straight”. Nothing outrageous because that is not my style. I am pretty subtle but I still hint about my sexuality here and there. He picks up on it and eats it up.

So, one night last week, we were talking about screen names he wanted to try and he started throwing random stuff he wanted to use.

“How bout PipeRight?”, he texted.
“Then people will want to know how right is the pipe.”, I replied.

And that went on… And on…

Until I felt bold and asked:


…and that was all it took we ended up having a serious game of sexting, acting out the various screen names in this erotic sequence.

Yup. You saw the words: Sexting, erotic, and sequence.

All formulas for “nut making”.

I guess that was his way of revealing himself to me. I don’t mind because I got mine and I’m sure he got his. Next day, he was doing a lot more flirting and talking shit as usual. He seemed to open up to me more. Saying things through his words that let me know…

“I know.”

We’ll he should because I never talk to my straight friends like THAT; the way we did the night before.

He confuses me… But I’m keeping a healthy distance. Let him chase me.

It is the Fox way.

Brought To U By The Foxberry.


So I told ya’ll I was @ a friend’s crib last night. Well we went out to mingle and came back to watch movies.

P.S = Working on Light Skinned that came over. Turns out he wasn’t messing/fuckin/or dating the mutual friend that brought him over. He kept slipping little looks on me here and there. He was my partner in cards and we wrecked these muthafuckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy and I make a good team. He needs to make it official so I can stop pounding this love pavement.

Anyway, so we were posted up @ like 5 in the morning in the living room, watching a movie when I get an YIM out the blue from this dude I been chattin with. Nothing serious. Met him off the chat site and we exchanged our YIM information. He is serious D/L and I haven’t seen a picture but allegedly from him, he plays ball. Whatever.

So it went a little like this…….

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Miami Ho Bowl

Right now Foxes,
at this very moment,
some groupie bitch is getting some HARD PIPE and tryna get pregnant in Miami.

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