Miami Ho Bowl

Right now Foxes,
at this very moment,
some groupie bitch is getting some HARD PIPE and tryna get pregnant in Miami.

Girls have been listening to their Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj albums.
Got their special hole poking devices in their pocket books.
Freak em dresses have been bought.
Loubies have been acquired with rent and unemployment money.

A groupie is trying to get fucked for that dough/semen TONIGHT!!!!

… and I do not blame her simple ass one bit.
It is a hard economic time at the moment, so why not pimp your uterus for payment?


In true Foxy fashion,
I would have been down there bringing you the whole low down…

But your favorite Fox is on a budget!!

I might have been tryna get me a baller myself BUT….
I actually want to be taken seriously.

As much fun as having my ass felt up in a drunk stupor,
taken back to the telly,
bent over the bed,
clothes halfway on,
and have my ass beaten up for 5 minutes and out the door by the 6th….

…. anything down there is just for cum dumpin purposes.
Male or female.

Silly wabbits.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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