X Marks The Fox: Kinda Over It


Reggie just isn’t attractive to me anymore Foxes.
Does anyone else feel the same?

Maybe because Devin has fucked my mind crazy?
Maybe because Devin has a better swag?
Maybe because Kim Kardashian made us see Reggie for who he is through her thirsty ass?
Maybe because Kim Kardashian made Reggie look like a simp?
Maybe because Reggie is a simp?

Who knows.

That nucca would have to game me back into thinking he is sexy again.
I would need to see the dick and a stroke report.
Even if the arms look right in that Under Armor….
This F0x has called it quits.

Sorry Reggie.
Lose my info.
Give me back my keys.
… and send me boxer briefs I left at ya crib.

Word of advice tho: Dump the hump.
She is bringing your stock WAY down.
Unless you like that kind of thing.
Then you guys are a match made in Attention Whore Heaven!

On that note….

Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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