My “100 Thou” Baby.

“Did You Ever Think Your Blog Would Generate This Much Hits?” – friend asks.

To be honest, yes I did.

I didn’t know how or when but I knew that once I threw my hat into the blogging ring,
I was going to draw people in.

I’m not trying to come off conceited or big time, I knew when I started the blog, that I was going to put my ALL into it. I wanted to have an outlet to voice my frustrations with the lifestyle because, at the time, I was really frustrated and sad.

This blog helps me 110%.

I can’t go into my real life and say, “Oh I fucked this FIONE ass DISCREET guy last night and…” – because my life is that of a discreet male.

My blog is something I write for pleasure and for pain. I go through these things and I wanted to share that with a broad audience. I wanted OPINIONS. I wanted people to say, “Oh he is fine.” to dudes I think are attractive. I wanted to have people say, “I think the same way too.”

Who knew that first day in May when I made the blog that I would become addicted.

Any little achievement I receive, I am always proud of.
This is my baby.

I want to thank YOU guys who read, lurk, comment, talk to me in emails or YIM, and even people who do not know WHAT to think.

I do it for you because bottoms have a voice that is never heard.

I’m that voice.

So I’m going do it til I reach a mill… and keep on doing it.
I got alot more shit to discuss.

Let’s get it!!!

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