And Then It All Makes Sense.

….. After I write that blog, I was sitting in my friend’s crib just lounging and the finest wolf walks in his spot. Nigga is everything I said I wanted.

He is 6’0, light skin, athletic build, nice swag, CLEAN SNEAKERS (lol) and just all kinds of damn.

Makes me hold on cause he is out there for me.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “And Then It All Makes Sense.”

  1. always remember there is a lot more out there than just your city or town and you know that. Sometimes you may need to make a dramatic move to get where you need to be! Or sometimes you find out new parts of your own home stomping ground that you’ve never explored which leads to new excitement.

    1. Thanks Dovie! I have been opening myself to new things. I feel a lot more is to come. This is JUST the begining. I, and everyone else, has to go through our share of duds. It makes us realize what we are looking for OR what we do not want. Dating surprisingly can help your self esteem if you learn from the mistakes you make. That is why I want a certain “type” because I am over what I was use too. Feel me? Anyone?

  2. I hope so because you can do so much more than men that are involved or in all that complicated bull shit! Just get a man with no baggage or strings or none of these so called OPEN agreements and do you! As I said, it is hard enough trying to get your piece of the pie but at least when you get it, make sure its fully yours and the best piece when it comes turn for you to pick. You deserve it. Not to be sharing or interfering with those whom have given up the notion that anything will ever truly be’ve got a lot more sense and a lot more fight in you than that. You can have something that is truly yours.

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