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Hey Foxes.

Life has been pulling me from left to right; up and down. Things have been somma good, somma bad, and somma inbetween. But a Fox has been rolling with the punches as they come.

I feel GOOD because life is GOOD.

So lately, I have been meeting wolves but no one has pulled my tail. Some are way to thristy. Some are way to boring. And worst of all, they have no swagg to keep me entertained.

Married Guy has bored me. Or is starting to really boring me, to be honest. You can only sext for so long before you move on.

Aside from that, I have been invited to a lot of straight events lately, and the way I see these dudes look and act with females – I wonder if me and my friends (and you Foxes) are in a world of our own? Its not a masc/fem issue. I always meet a dude and he is looking at me the way I look at the straights. Admiring how I carry myself, the way I dress, and the way I speak.

Most gays, or black gays, are about drama and messiness. They are not “together” like they should. It is outing and just pulling each other down. This Fox is not. I guess that’s why I only roll with a few selective people.

Another thing, why does it seem most (well in my case) TOPS are “bottom of the barrel”? Like, style and swagg is just a double expresso negative. Dirty shoes or looking two seasons behind in style. Is there an exclusive circle where the REAL wolves are?

I may need the VIP pass so I can finally be around the Wolves that keep my mouth watering. I want better. I want more.

Do you want more?

I guess this was a vent. I feel relieved in some way.

Later Foxes.

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