Jamari Meets A Crackhead

“So you feeling me?” – he asked, nervously.

I wanted to spit in this nigga’s face but I had to contain myself…..

So I was suppose to get some dick from Married Guy BUT our schedules are conflicting something terrible. Busy is mine and Wifey is his. So Friday when he wanted to come thru, I was asleep. Saturday, a storm was blowing thru The Concrete Forest so that was a negative.

Aside from Married Guy question mark fucking, I had met Visitor on Friday on a chat site, who by his name was visiting from Atl. He was only here for the weekend, since it was his birthday and wanted some good birthday sex.

From who? Jamari, of course.

So we agreed for Sunday to celebrate in style. We exchanged a picture and he was cute. Actually fine in the face. I saw the dick and chest shot online so it sealed the deal for me. He was supposedly DL and athletic. Size of 6’3 so that means he could pick me up and have his way with me. He only sent me 1 pic and when I asked for more, he said he only had one.

Jamari. RED FUCKING FLAG. But I got caught up in his phone voice and the accent that I didn’t pay him no mind.

Sunday comes and I make sure my ass is the cleanest thing since a doctor’s office. I did a water mineral flush for that extra coating of slip and slide. Foxes I was ready to put it on him.

He wanted to go eat first, as he said on his way to my house via cab. He said he had weed and we would get our eat on, smoke on, and then fuck on.

When he called, I went to go get him but I saw no one. I did see someone gettin frisked by the police. Why was it him? It took them 15 minutes to frisk this dude. When he finally walked up to me and I saw him in the light……

….. OH MY GOD! His fucking face was SO DEFORMED.

He looked like a premature crackhead, real talk. His skin was various shades and leathery looking. He had boils on his neck. His swagg was reckless. His lips were crusty. He wasn’t athletic at ALL. He was skinny. And then, what 6’3 was this? I was taller than him. This nigga gon tell me the pic he showed me was his high school picture…. And he just turned 28????


I texted a friend to do the “emergency bail out” plan. That entails “you call me/i act like something happened/bad date ends short”. Foxes, always have one of those in plan. My friend texting me to fuck him anyway and that I need it.

WHAT?????? I don’t know what kind of ho you take me for but I wasn’t going to have that inside me. Sorry. I need to be attracted to you in order for you to get on top.

Walking to the resturant was all about the cops and the ticket they gave him. He wanted to buy me dinner but looking at him and eating would have made me throw up all over the table so I denied that free dinner. I texted another friend and we did the EBOP and after he ate, I stuffed him in a cab and sent him on his way.

He texts me saying if I wasn’t feeling him, I could have said. I’m not in the business of hurting feeings although I could have. These days you don’t know who is crazy. I played nice. He told me before he came to me that I better be worth it paying for a cab and coming to see me.

Nope. I know I was worth it. His lying ass was the front. Of course he thought I was sexy and really wanted to beat it up.

Not. At. All.

So he blows up my phone the rest of the night and I lay in a lonely bed, shaking my damn head with a pillow over my head.

Foxes. I hope you are getting your laughs at my expense. I am still tite.


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  1. I think we need to start a database of all the false advertisers that get our hopes up for nothing.

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