18 Can Get U Caught Up

You ever meet someone who is not really in the package you wanted, but fits everything else you were looking for?
Well. That is him.

Him has a name. We will call him, “Big”. Not like Carrie from SATC’s Big but Ill explain itself as it goes along.

“I have someone for you!” My friend said excitedly.

Now I don’t know about your friends, but some of my friends do not know exactly what I like. They always try to set me up with some ass douche and expect me to like it. Needless to say, I do not take them seriously when they say they “have someone for me”.

Before I could deny the set up, a cell phone was in my face with a dude on the screen. Foxes, he was kinda cute. Ok not kinda. He was. I could tell he had some swagg off the pose alone.

“What’s wrong with him,” I asked.
“Nothing… Well he is a little short.” Friend says.
“How short? Are we talking midget?”
“Noooo he is like 5’8ish”

I have been feeling pretty open to meeting guys so I said what the hell. My friend gave him my number and we started texting.

Foxes. I won’t lie. He is everything I asked for. He is funny, gets money, and talks major shit to me.


And there is that big ol BUT….

After further investigation, turns out he is 18. Yup. The BIG 1-8.

But he speaks very intelligently. After the last 2 yungins, I casted them away for GOOD. But this one seems (keyword) different. So, we will see.

Now if only he can return my phone call, we can see whassup.

(Don’t you hate that?)

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