Jamari Fox: A Fierce Bitch?

So I was chillin with one of my homegirl’s tonight and her “gay boyfriend” decided to tag along.

Now I am not one to hate on a fellow gay but when you are outregeously flamboyant, I have an issue. The flam gays tend to be ODEE loud and try to blow up your spot.

I’m not with it.

Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that I always look mean and I usually have an attitude when he sees me. I won’t lie, I usually do.

“I mean you look like you need some good dick.” He says, popping his gum.

Now I hope he didn’t think he was giving me this “good dick”.???????

“But I must say, you are a fierce bitch though. I got to say that you are a fierce bitch.”

I am looking at him like WTFFFFF??? Should I be flattered or offended? So I egg him on.

“What do you mean?” I ask.
“The way how you walk in the room. The way how you speak. Just your whole vibe let’s me know you know what you want and you don’t play.” He replies, giving me dap at the end of it.

I guess compliments come in the strangest forms. That is why I tell people that you do not know who is watching and admiring you.

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2 thoughts on “Jamari Fox: A Fierce Bitch?”

  1. …yeah and the “bitch”part threw me….cause I know
    we in this lif like to use that term,but me thinks
    I woulda told him i wasnt nobodies bitch….queens
    hav this quite read shit and its like ‘tricks are
    for kids’….I also hate fem guys ,they just
    too damn much woman for me to deal with…..

  2. Hmmm…I’m really not a fan of flamboyant gays either. They bring a lotta drama…And its VERY true that you never know who is following/admiring/stalking you. Its kinda creepy…

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