IS KELLY PRICE CRAZY?!?!!?!?!?! Serious Question.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 6.50.39 PMshe was up in fred’s face,
acting belligerent,
and for what tho????
when she pulled those timbz out that fuckin bag tho!!!!
i woulda had to let her know that stool i’m sitting on isn’t too heavy to go upside her head.
fred is nice because i would have let her dodge caravan shaped ass have it.
have it all!!!!
then she gonna say she doesn’t feel comfortable with fred.
well bitch i don’t feel comfortable with that fat queen you bringing in here.
miss with that bullshit kelly.
i would never have thought she was like this.
did anyone watch this episode????

x click here if you haven’t seen it.

lowkey: everyone else has made me go check out their music again.
i already had all of mo’s stuff,
dawn (lucy pearl and en vogue),
and claudette (city high).
chante moore being the biggest since i never listened to her before.
yeah… everyone except kelly price.
you can’t sit at the foxhole table with that attitude mama.

where to listen to their music: spotify

R&B Divas LA: I Can’t!!!


did anyone see r&b divas la this week?
i just caught up,
but i have one question:
did kelly price lose her mind?
i’m actually really disgusted how she handled that situation.
the way how she was speaking to him…
extremely unprofessional.
then her choice of director for the play…
obviously she wanted some bootleg bullshit.
i can’t.

x watch episode if you missed it

Hot ‘N’ Cold

Have I mentioned how much boys amuse me?

All these silly games that need to come to and end. If boys stopped playing games, more bottoms would be getting fucked. Maybe that’s the problem. They are just that: boys.

Am I right?

So, Mr. Attitude at work is very funny. One minute he is speaking to me and saying “hello” or “good morning”, staring at me as he walks by…. and the next minute he is giving me the silent treatment. Basically waiting for me to come to him. I’m no one’s dog. There will be no “come Jamari come/good boy” bullshit over here.

I figured since he doesn’t know me, I will re-introduce myself.

I play the art of Hot ‘N’ Cold pretty well. Hot ‘N’ Cold is when you give and then suddenly pull away… then when they are wanting more, you give and then repeat the pulling away. The same game he plays; I invented. So, when he started playing, I stopped. When I started, then he stops. It is all one big back and forth mess.

I know he is interested because he is…. Something. I cannot put my finger on it. Something connects us to each other and I think it has a lot to do with we are one in the same.

Like does attract like.

I find it even more hilarious that when I said I was going to stop focusing on dudes, they all of a sudden want to show interest. I’ll talk about Mr. Personal Trainer in a later blog.

Life is amusing, aint it?

Jamari Fox: A Fierce Bitch?

So I was chillin with one of my homegirl’s tonight and her “gay boyfriend” decided to tag along.

Now I am not one to hate on a fellow gay but when you are outregeously flamboyant, I have an issue. The flam gays tend to be ODEE loud and try to blow up your spot.

I’m not with it.

Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that I always look mean and I usually have an attitude when he sees me. I won’t lie, I usually do.

“I mean you look like you need some good dick.” He says, popping his gum.

Now I hope he didn’t think he was giving me this “good dick”.???????

“But I must say, you are a fierce bitch though. I got to say that you are a fierce bitch.”

I am looking at him like WTFFFFF??? Should I be flattered or offended? So I egg him on.

“What do you mean?” I ask.
“The way how you walk in the room. The way how you speak. Just your whole vibe let’s me know you know what you want and you don’t play.” He replies, giving me dap at the end of it.

I guess compliments come in the strangest forms. That is why I tell people that you do not know who is watching and admiring you.

Later Foxes

Brought To You By The Foxberry

Fox = Busy Bee?

I feel like my legs are about to fall off.


This has been the busiest couple weeks ever. It started off smooth and then lift off – I was in a cloud. It’s all good because I asked for this + I wanted to make my return worth it + bills got to be paid and people got to be met.

I need a massage. Prefebly from a Wolf with a big dick and big hands. Scoop all this up and do what he must to help me experience some pleasure (or a slim shawty with a big dick. I’m not picky lol)

I. hope all my Foxes are doing well and making themselves busy also.

Can’t stop; won’t stop…

She Didn’t See That Cummin.


I would have woken up and went to the kitchen to make penis and balls Caesar salads.

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