Hot ‘N’ Cold

Have I mentioned how much boys amuse me?

All these silly games that need to come to and end. If boys stopped playing games, more bottoms would be getting fucked. Maybe that’s the problem. They are just that: boys.

Am I right?

So, Mr. Attitude at work is very funny. One minute he is speaking to me and saying “hello” or “good morning”, staring at me as he walks by…. and the next minute he is giving me the silent treatment. Basically waiting for me to come to him. I’m no one’s dog. There will be no “come Jamari come/good boy” bullshit over here.

I figured since he doesn’t know me, I will re-introduce myself.

I play the art of Hot ‘N’ Cold pretty well. Hot ‘N’ Cold is when you give and then suddenly pull away… then when they are wanting more, you give and then repeat the pulling away. The same game he plays; I invented. So, when he started playing, I stopped. When I started, then he stops. It is all one big back and forth mess.

I know he is interested because he is…. Something. I cannot put my finger on it. Something connects us to each other and I think it has a lot to do with we are one in the same.

Like does attract like.

I find it even more hilarious that when I said I was going to stop focusing on dudes, they all of a sudden want to show interest. I’ll talk about Mr. Personal Trainer in a later blog.

Life is amusing, aint it?

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6 thoughts on “Hot ‘N’ Cold”

  1. More than just games, men like the chase. Men love to chase, catch and then eat. Usually after the ether eat or mate, they leave or move on.

    And I know ALL about the hot n cold game, Mr. Foxx. Played it pretty damn well back in the day.

  2. Lol i completely understand what you mean. Boys love games. Perhaps if we were more upfront about what we’re feeling, maybe these games wouldn’t be necessary? But it sounds interesting nonetheless. Keeps you on your toes!

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