Rejection From The Straight Boy

I think I am a good person.

Well, scratch that “think”. I know I am a good person. Yet, you can think you are the best man in the entire world and when one person thinks not, you are ready to question your entire being. Why is that? Do we really need validation from everyone to prove we are good, sexy, and everything positive?

So, at work, one of the girls who has a crush on me decided she wanted to add me to a very popular social site. She forwarded all the other co workers who are on the same site to me, including this sexy ass dude who works in our department.

Foxes – he is sexy. Light skinned, tall, muscular, nice hair, did I mention muscular – all around “Wolf” material. Granted, he is straight until proven gay/bi but I wanted to get to know him on a friend like level, even if he is 100% straight. I like to know a lot of various contacts. Straight, gay, bi – whatever. I am down for friends/associates.

I did notice however that when we would be in contact with each other, he would be very distant from me. He would be quiet and not really as open as my other co workers. He would give slight head nods and not look me in my eyes. First sign.

So when I got the forward and saw his name, I instantly added him. No question. All the females added me, almost that day. He didn’t. As days went on, no “accept request” was sent to my email and I got the hint he wasn’t interested in pursuing a friendship with me.

It hurt a little. I mean, I think I am a damn good friend and have had straight boys be cool with me. I started to question who I was, my masculinity, and even my aura. It fucked with my mind for a while. It didn’t help that when I did see him on the job, he became even more distant…. In those tight muscule hugging shirts he wore.

Sorry…. Back on topic….

Anyway, I had to ask myself what were the reasons he didn’t add me. That’s just it: I don’t know. I have a totally different swagger than him so maybe he caught that and decided to not pursue anything. He is definitely not a “pretty” type of dude. He is typical average good looking guy.

Either way, we will NOT be cool.

I did want to sample the meat though. He may have had a small penis or a bad stroke – plus I think he is fucking one of the females at work and I have a sneaky suspicion it is our boss.

Life will go on and I learned my lesson.: never question who you are when rejected. This will all be a memory pretty soon. Move on to the next one who will accept.

Later Foxes

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16 thoughts on “Rejection From The Straight Boy

  1. Good post…no need to doubt yourself because someone doesn’t want you. You’ve probably rejected your share of guys too…it’s all a circle.

  2. Love the blog but when are you going to update your blogger spot with a new video post…. 🙂

  3. I think this was a good lesson that applies to alot of things in life…..

    When questioning something, you tend to lose all the answers. Not cool.

    Proud of you, J. Foxx.

  4. Man J-fox, baby boy it is not that serious, be a guy about this – you don’t add dudes you don’t really know to anything as there is no basic reason to do so. In addition, even it he catches the vibe he won’t care unless he is not trying to give off one. So give it a second play it to the left and chill…..and can we start getting paparazzi type pics of all these dudes you keep talking about cause your work place seems to be a place I might need to drop a resume …..LMAO

  5. Ugh. Its different when the fine ones don’t accept you. But if you can see his pictures, i guess that’s a plus. Not to mention sometimes their activity still pops up on newsfeeds even if you aren’t friends. But yeah he probably picked up on your vibe towards him and didn’t want to give you the wrong impression. You still get to see him at work though and that’s okay too.

  6. Hey Man, Maybe he caught a vibe from you (a sexual interest) and he did not want to put himself in that situation. We as gay men sometimes want to get to know a straight man, just for the fact that we think that he might play and we want to be right there when he wants to jump to the other side even if its in the moment. I think straight dudes also have gaydar and even though you might think you did not show any sexual interest (plus eyes don’t lie). They can tell. Is not you, but just as we have a right to choose who we want to be social with, he also has that option.

    1. Shango – I agree! My body language probably gave off “come fuck me” even though I tried to keep that masked. It’s crazy how you can subconciously give off that vibe and not even realize it.

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