Daddy Is Making That Money!

We were laying in bed one day, after sex glow and sweaty, and I told him…

“You really need to start doing music videos.”

Guess he listened.

Of course I woke up and realized I was a) dreaming and b) angry my alarm clock went off just as we were going to get into round three….


That’s my baby right there!! Fantasia did him well in her new track, “Bittersweet”.


(Is it bad that when you think of “Devin Thomas” – you will think of “Jamari Fox”? Maybe that is not so bad.)

He needs me to do his promo. I will have him a star!

Later Foxes

5 thoughts on “Daddy Is Making That Money!

  1. I’m doing good Jamari, made it home safely from summer school and am excited to get back up on my blogging game. I still love the song “Bittersweet”! Your right, what’s life without a few challenges, it makes it so much better. Please come stop by my blog and make yourself at home. 🙂 I’m so excited about your blog, don’t leave us for too long, and remember the best thing about life’s challenges are that they can’t last forever.

    1. Thank you Rod! I appreicate those kind words. I am glad things are working out with you. You have a kind spirit. I can tell just through your blog and your words.

      I am coming back with avengance. The set backs were a set up for some good things to happen. I will make it over to your blog so keep inspiring us!

  2. There is something about this song that just touches my heart and makes me cry, I really love it. It somehow connects with me on a deeper level! Love it Fox! 🙂 I am posting this video on my blog! This song touches a spirtual chord, so it will be going up on my blog! It almost makes me cry and smile at the same time! Something about it… This was a great post Jamari! 🙂 How you been?

    1. Hey Rod! I am well. Things were very hectic these last few months but things are going better. What’s life without a few challenges…. And a good dose of karma!

      How are you?

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