This Ones… For You….

So last week I was online,
being the pervert I have come to enjoy so much.
Since I havent been getting any pipe,
what better way to relieve all this pent-up sexual fuck stress than: masturbating.

So I went into my files and popped in a J. Strokes video and got to doing my thing…

After I was done,
something told me to go on Google and look up “J. Strokes“.
I wanted more videos to add to my collection because as you guys know,
I lust that man, his stroke, and that fat BUBBLE ass of his.

(can someone find out the name of ^ movie and scene. TIA)

When his name came up – so did his Twitter page.
I didnt even know he had Twitter but, who doesn’t?

I read that man’s timeline like I was reading a good book on a Sunday afternoon.
He is a nasty pervert… and I like that.
It was filled with sex and the occasional random tweets.
I read he has kids and a girl…. he is a major flirt and he likes to fuck.
I think we already know that.

I decided to follow him and send him a “reply”.
I had nothing to lose right?
I said the following:

@Strokka I know you get this alot, but you have the phattest ass in porn entertainment. I love watching you fuck.

You know,
in typical Jamari Fox fashion.
I don’t give a shit….

Well, he replied to me about an hour later.

Strokka You know I heard of u. I have a few fans that told me they found some of my work on your site. So real good look. @insidejamarifox

Made my fuckin’ night.
And it made me realize how much of a little dent I have made in the blogsphere.

So that one is to you, my Foxes, thank you for making your voice and my name read.
Even if he is just a porno star,
I made a little impact.

Shout out to my othe porno Daddy, Flash Brown….
Hiding, my dude?


…. can someone get the message to Devin Thomas or Dez Bryant, please?



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “This Ones… For You….”

  1. Lol no way! That’s awesome. Always nice to know you’re contributing something to the world. (BTW, i miss your comments on my blog, I’ve been tryin to write more now lately)

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