R&B Divas LA: I Can’t!!!


did anyone see r&b divas la this week?
i just caught up,
but i have one question:
did kelly price lose her mind?
i’m actually really disgusted how she handled that situation.
the way how she was speaking to him…
extremely unprofessional.
then her choice of director for the play…
obviously she wanted some bootleg bullshit.
i can’t.

x watch episode if you missed it

11 thoughts on “R&B Divas LA: I Can’t!!!

  1. I agree with Adam! The camera does catch what it sees! I am disappointed in Kelly, thought she had more class! I do think that she is insecure of the other divas particularly Chante.

  2. She tweeted that the producers edited parts of three unrelated conversations over two months to make her look crazy. Its the same shit they did to Nicci and Syleena

  3. I am one person that can’t stand when Michelle’ talks.I start thinking of zany cartoon characters.

  4. This is the only reality show I watch now, and I just caught up on the episodes earlier this week. Kelly Price is a train wreck. She comes off very much like Nicci Gilbert both seem to be bitter and little angry that their careers never reached the heights that they thought they should in their mind. I think Kelly feels a little insecure about her size around these other smaller Diva’s. The way she treated that director dude was so uncalled for and made my blood boil. I hate when people act like that just because they can. I read that the cast and crew behind the scenes are tired of her antics. She is by no means, an Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, or Diana Ross, these women have every right to be DIVA’s because they have paid their dues. Kelly can sing, but her flat nasal tone is not really my cup of tea, and she has not shown me that she deserves to act so unprofessional. The night she didnt show up for the program that she has so much love for, said much for her character.

    Im loving Michelle’ and her speaking voice. OMG I cant even keep a str8 face when she comes on screen. I dont know anything about Claudette Ortiz, but I see a lot of hurt and pain in her eyes, like she really went thru something traumatic, maybe she will be able to release the pain with a new project. I have got to get online and check out some of her music. Poor Dawn, I see batshit crazy when I look at this poor little possum. Something is not quiet right, she seems to be a little touched, and not by a Angel if you know what I mean. Chante Moore is FINE as hell, damn she has always looked so good, and can sang her ass off, love her confidence. Finally, the break out star is that damn Little Mo, wow her personality is made for television. I have some of her music, but to be honest, I have never really listen to it, I will have to check it out now. I love how real she seems. I have enjoyed both R&B Divas show more so than these other reality shows, because I know that all the women have talent and are famous for other than what man they are associated with or just being ratchet for the sake of being ratchet for TV. My secret fantasy would be to see a show with Aretha, Patti, Dionne, Chaka, Gladys, a real life Got 2 B Real lol…..

    1. Claudette was homeless before she got the show.Literally driving around with her kids and her belongings in her trunk when she got a text inviting her to be on the show.You can google her interview

  5. I agree. Kelly Price is a mess. is she trying to be the Nicci Gilbert of the show? bad attitude and unprofessional, smh

    1. ^she was all up in his face!!!
      seriously kelly????
      i never would have thought her attitude was like this.
      reality shows keeps exposing em and exposing em left and right.

      i will add chante moore comes off very like able as the others.
      dawn lookin like a follower in these streets.

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