Would You Let Abel Trujillo Beat Your Stuff Up?


everyone meet abel trujillo.
mma wolf.
would you go a few rounds with him?


“go easy on me.”

lowkey: i don’t think i could ever date a boxer or mma fighter.
one night stand?
of course!
constantly trying not to make him angry?
i’m good!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Would You Let Abel Trujillo Beat Your Stuff Up?”

  1. Honestly no, because after hearing about once a beautiful ringer girl who got involve with a mma fighter then later broke up with him which lead him to hire a young boy to throw acid on her face, so this is why I can’t date an mma fighter.

  2. Damn, I been wondering who this dude was, seen his pic on Tumblr, just thought he was a pretty boy model. I always admire dudes who put this much work into their physique, I would love to kick it with a dude like this, hell I would get him to show me some moves, just in case I would have to go toe to toe with his ass, and if all fails their is always my peacemaker right under the bed in case he wants to lay hands when he gets mad.

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