How Come U Don’t Call?

Is it so hard for a nigga to be punctual?

He says he is going to call you back after what seemed like great conversations and then, no phone call.

Why do dudes do this?

This is why I am glad I didn’t really put as much feelings into Big. He started out great. His life story made me feel “something” and I quietly became attracted to his strenght. Our last great conversation was about our pasts and how similar they were. He would have been definite “Hubby material” regardless of age.

BUT – the night we were suppose to meet was the night things went downhill.

He tells me meet him @ the train station. I didn’t want to meet him that night BUT he was putting on the Zip Lock pressure. I said “Fuck it”, got ready, and out the door I went. I even walked slow to kill some time.

FOXES – when I was arriving the train station, he calls me to tell me that he cannot meet me and that an emergency came up. So because of this dumb ass type nigga, I walked all the way there and had to turn around. Mad was not even the word. Ever since then, our conversations have been weak and he hasn’t been returning phone calls.

I know what that means:

“Miss one, next fifteen one coming.”

What gets me if that he was interested and then FUCKS it up by being sloppy. Thank God these men never get a whiff of the good stuff.

… And now Married Guy is tryna get at me harder than before. One person I dismissed because I wanted a man of my own, no sharing.

Oh well.

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