he went from a planet her to planet fitness

Are they really sad because he isn’t his past self,
or because he switched it up to fit society’s standards?

when i saw that tweet,
i remembered a past situation.

during one of my most intense struggles in my timeline,
i was dragged to a community center known for being a safe space for gay youth.
as someone who didn’t feel comfortable being gay yet,
the experience was a bit too deep for my then-fragile comfort zone.

It was there that I first noticed him...

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the gossip is that you turned him off because you tried to be masc and you’re really fem

so i’ll be the first to admit that “gossip girl 2021” has grown on me heavy.
i caught myself rewatching the first 3 episodes because i’m pulled in.
i still hate the julien/zoya weird-ass drama,
but i fucks with julien as a character.
she comes off as having a good heart and tries to do the right thing.
max wolfe aka diet chuck bass,
who i am strangely attracted to,
had drama pop off in the 3rd episode that i found interesting and retable to many gay/bi males…
(spoilers below)

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does masc or fem, if you give up the cheeks or not, really matter in this gay life?

i was reading the comments on the entry,
( x pull the triggers ).
i’m so grateful for the foxhole coming out and giving opinions.
many of the comments dealt with the feminine and masculine aspects of being gay.
there seems to be this beef between the masc and fem sides within this life.
i had a thought that came to me as i was reading tho.

kinda gay
not all the way gay
dominant in the relationship
masculine in the relationship
wolf gives oral
doesn’t give oral
fox doesn’t want to give up dick
fox gives up the dick

in the grand scheme of things…

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The Big Johnson and The Fox

Wassup baby…
Umm, who is this?

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Glass Houses; High Ceilings

“You think he get down?”
“Naw. He straight. He doesn’t like gay people.”

Same story BUT not always the true story.

Check it…

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Jamari Fox: A Fierce Bitch?

So I was chillin with one of my homegirl’s tonight and her “gay boyfriend” decided to tag along.

Now I am not one to hate on a fellow gay but when you are outregeously flamboyant, I have an issue. The flam gays tend to be ODEE loud and try to blow up your spot.

I’m not with it.

Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that I always look mean and I usually have an attitude when he sees me. I won’t lie, I usually do.

“I mean you look like you need some good dick.” He says, popping his gum.

Now I hope he didn’t think he was giving me this “good dick”.???????

“But I must say, you are a fierce bitch though. I got to say that you are a fierce bitch.”

I am looking at him like WTFFFFF??? Should I be flattered or offended? So I egg him on.

“What do you mean?” I ask.
“The way how you walk in the room. The way how you speak. Just your whole vibe let’s me know you know what you want and you don’t play.” He replies, giving me dap at the end of it.

I guess compliments come in the strangest forms. That is why I tell people that you do not know who is watching and admiring you.

Later Foxes

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