Glass Houses; High Ceilings

“You think he get down?”
“Naw. He straight. He doesn’t like gay people.”

Same story BUT not always the true story.

Check it…

I have heard many bottoms or females talk about:

Yeah, dude is poppin’…. but he doesn’t like gay people.

you find out later on that he was up in a Foxhole… or maybe had something up in his.
I have had quite a few dudes with that same disclaimer… and then try to get up in me on the low.

The situation made me curious.
Why do dude’s do this?
It made me hit up a couple of my Wolf friends to ask a question.



Jamari F0x – I got a question for ya…

When u hear from another dude, “Oh he is straight but he doesn’t like homos”… In some instances, yes he may be straight but in others, I always feel like if he did get down – he doesn’t like the flaming queens who have tried to fuck with him everytime he walks out the door…

Any truth to this theory? A blog I’m thinking of writing after one of my Foxes was telling me about this fine dude who is “straight but unfortuantely doesn’t like homosexuals”.


Answer 1 – Dislike for homosexuals – is typically a dislike for Feminine Acting Men and the DRAMA displayed in TV Shows, Parades, etc. and SOMETIMES  a discomfort in personal sexuality.

Everybody has a Gay or Bi-Friend they just don’t know it. I hear mad dudes say they don’t like homosexuals and are adamant about the position. I then watch the same dude, show some of the subtle signs of being a homosexual towards the dudes he hangs with, via touch, joking, displays of ownership or over protection, etc..

So truthfully the “straight” dude has a bad perception of homosexuality – due to the “FLAMES” who are always on display wanting to be seen.

Issues with homosexuality have to do with public image – any dude will fuck around in the right situation – DUDES who go to jail for hate crimes against homosexuals – eventually fuck other dudes in prison (sad irony)

So when a dude says he hates homosexuals it means he hates “FLAMES” – “FEMS” – “DRAMA QUEENS” – shit put that same dude around a few wolves like my self and – he’ll learn and do some shit real quick (EVIL SMILE)

A secure straight male – has no issue because he is not a risk of succumbing to anything and can have as many gay friends as he likes – the insecure – hates the image and the perceived judgment he’ll receive from other narrow minded dudes such as himself – said but true this shit is about IMAGE and PUBLIC APPROVAL.

So hope that helps….

Answer 2 – because they hate queens that is my friend R______ all the way ……………………… now there is the other type who only mess with queens,crossdressers

Answer 3 – I think what it is. If a person thinks u str8 then it’s good unless u kno that he gets down. Meaning he’s still living his life as a man. And your right the queens who likes them they make us masc men sick.



There are some dudes who are genuinely are straight and do not like to be around gay people. Maybe it is their insecurities, how they were raised, OR… they are genuinely just not trying to be around that kind of crowd.

I mean, can you blame them?


But, there are other dudes who can deal with a dude who is gay… as long as he isn’t a flaming sugar fairy, dripping sugar as he walks down the street.
Let’s face it, some gay dudes are VERY VERY messy.
Even as a fellow member of the family, I am often turned off from it all.

If a dude gets down, do you think he will want to be around that?
Especially if he is masculine and not trying to be out there.
He would be a fool to associate himself with that.
You see how these queens snag a baller and can’t keep their mouth’s shut.

Now don’t get it twisted,
some dudes specalize in the cuntastic and only want that flava… while others want a low key type of dude. One who isn’t advertising his sexuality in an attempt to prove his confidence in himself and others.

You ever notice on the chat sites,
the more masculine you look,
the easier it is to pull a DL dude… and then when you meet him and you aren’t “that” character, he quickly runs in the other direction?

And real talk….
in-between dudes now-a-days are getting crazy play.
The game has definitely changed.
Just a nice mix of masc/fem swag get these Wolves.

There is nothing wrong with confidence but sometimes, gay dudes who are in lifestyle are filled with drama. They act like girls, is my bottom line, with the cattiness and the blabber mouth attitude.

It is a turn off.
Straight up and down.

Even as a bottom, I have had gay dudes try it. Keyword: try it. The look on my face usually says:

“Make my mother fuckin’ day.”

So, they back up but some of them do not know how to stop.
They want to try to holla at me bold style or try to call me out in public.
Is it ever that serious?
And that is the shit I stay talking about.
Why even do all of that????????
I’m not interested so move on….

So, next time you see a cute dude and someone says to you, “well he doesn’t like gay people
it could mean from his P.O.V: “I can tolerate gay dudes but I like a man to act like a man. I can’t roll with queens.

… and if you are low key and not messy,

this Wolf may just want you.
I may let you have my left overs.


Later Foxes.

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