You Are Cordially Invited As “The Accessory” At The “Bring Your Best Gay” Party.

gay men will always be used as a vixen’s life support.

she befriends him and realizes he is everything she would want in a “friend”.
he is almost like secret deodorant.
“strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”
because of this,
she depends on him for everything.
she knows that she can’t trust another hoe with her business.
why not trust my hairdresser/stylist/man problem solver?

i was on tumblr yesterday.
reblogging and looking at the people i follow,
when i saw a headline that made me do the screw face”..

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Glass Houses; High Ceilings

“You think he get down?”
“Naw. He straight. He doesn’t like gay people.”

Same story BUT not always the true story.

Check it…

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The Messy Gay Niggas Of Reality Show

First and Foremost,
before I get into my “font vomit”,
this blog woke me up: Getting Rid Of Old Friends.

Shout out to Sir Yellow Bone for that cup of coffee in his blog.

Movin on…

I have been observing our people in our lifestyle for quite some time,
and even observing relationships in my own life,
and I have to ask time and time again…

Do we truly have genuine friends, or is friendship just a temporary situation?

Are “frenemies” taking over?

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