Take It

Is this his:

“I’m About To Fuck U Real Good”


Chris Brown.
A yung wolf in the making.

Word through the grapevine
is he has major pipe and knows how to use it.
Keyword: Magnum Condoms.

I also hear his tongue game is insane.

Favorite position: Sitting on his face.
Don’t ask how I know.

I like…
I never really looked at him like that before.
But ever since I saw Takers,
I saw him in a whole new light….

I see you looking Yung Wolf…
But can you handle what you get?

Only 1 way to find out.


…. or is he a potential Yung Fox, in the making?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Take It”

    1. I guess i wasn’t trying to be funny. I feel like people FORGOT what exactly he did to her. It wasn’t like a push or a shove. He beat the crap out of her to the point where she was bruised and bloody. And based on previous police reports he’s been violent towards her before. As someone who knows people who’ve been victims of domestic violence, i’m not so forgiving of the perpetrators.

  1. Well he had naked pictures out a while back some groupie he sent them too posted them on concretloop its pretty big, but i still think he’s a closet case

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