the gossip is that you turned him off because you tried to be masc and you’re really fem

so i’ll be the first to admit that “gossip girl 2021” has grown on me heavy.
i caught myself rewatching the first 3 episodes because i’m pulled in.
i still hate the julien/zoya weird-ass drama,
but i fucks with julien as a character.
she comes off as having a good heart and tries to do the right thing.
max wolfe aka diet chuck bass,
who i am strangely attracted to,
had drama pop off in the 3rd episode that i found interesting and retable to many gay/bi males…
(spoilers below)

so max comes from a two-parent household with 2 dads.
one is more flamboyant than the other.
he is headed towards being a trans vixen or accepted that he’s a cross-dresser.


the drama is that max found out that his masc dad was starting a new life of cheating on “scruff”.

when confronted about why he was on the app,
the masc dad admitted that he was losing his attraction to his newly flamboyant partner.


there are some gay males who think they won’t find a masc male because of how feminine they truly are.
that can stem from growing up and being scolded for “acting like a girl”.
not only that,
they were bullied in school for “acting like a girl” as well.
so they grow into adults that are holding shame and ugliness for being feminine.
this is why they can be really nasty and frightened towards feminine males.
when they try to meet a partner,
whether serious or sexual,
they try to butch themselves up and present themselves as “masc”.

i understand that all too well as i suffered from a ton of shame from how i was abused growing up.
i wasn’t liked or appreciated for “me”,
made to feel like something was wrong with me,
and figured no one else would especially males i was truly attracted to.
i genuinely find masc males sexy because i am attracted to men.

when you are meeting anyone for the first time,
you need to be YOU.
as fem you think you might be,
you need to present the real YOU to the world.
if  not,
you’ll have to keep up the charade in order to keep a male.
i’m starting to love the skin i’m in and accept all the parts of me that i’ve hated.

There are a shit ton of masc males who love them some feminine males.

opposites do attract and good dick/cheeks are out here with your name on it.
our name in it.
there are males who will be wrapped around your fingers because you do something to them.
it’s like forbidden fruit and you tempt them to want a taste.
even vixens want a piece too.

there is something truly sexy about a confident male no matter how masc or fem he is.
not this “social media sexy” either.

lowkey: i think i would have ruled this city if i had my shit together long ago with therapy.
i would have taken down the sexiest of the sexiest tbh.
my lack of confidence probbaly scared many away.

aaah well.
no better time than the present.
my inner werewolf has been awakened and i want to have the fun i deserve.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “the gossip is that you turned him off because you tried to be masc and you’re really fem”

  1. The cheater is wrong.

    What I didn’t like was “what? You want someone masc?”
    Well, if he married you a certain way and you do a 180 trying to guilt them for no longer being sexually attracted is wrong.

    I am of the belief that transitions while in a serious relationship such as..oh..I don’t know..A MARRIAGE should be addressed openly. Not trying on wigs and “testing the waters”. If you’re afraid that the relationship will end…then it’s not the relationship for the new you going forward. Life occurs in seasons and perhaps your season with them has ended

    Why? Because it’s not fair to spring something on someone and be mad that it’s not their cup of tea.

    Love is unconditional. Erections are not.

    If a gay man transitioned and called their partner transphobic for..BEING a gay man and was no longer sexually attracted to them, I would vehemently disagree.

    1. The only issue here is that the fem one was open about it and the masc one did not express how he felt about that transition, instead he cheated…

      I can’t blame a man for being more attracted to masculine men but i can’t blame man for bein true to himself.

      The masc one should have left instead of staying and lying

  2. Ain’t even gonna cap, I found the upperclass white gay drama entertaining. Lol…

    But, I lost what little blooming interest I had in this show when I saw that coon ass Jeremy O. Harris come crawling out the corner…

      1. Jamari, his claim to fame is creating “Slave Play” where three interracial couples (two heterosexual and one gay) go to see two female therapists to resolve the conflict (their white partner not understand and truly accepting their blackness) in their respective relationships. The therapists prescribe the couple engage in essentially race play to fix their relationships.

        That play’s entire premise rubbed me the wrong way and I ain’t fk’d with him since…

  3. Yeah. They have outgrown each other. Perhaps they can become friends .”She” should be able to live her truth and he should be able to sustain his attraction to “Masc” men. He should be honest and discuss it with her though.

  4. Jamari have to disagree a bit. I don’t think there is any booty/dick with our names on it. No one really has relationships in the community. I’ve only seen one Ltr and they were white. We will die alone unfortunately. I’ve learned to accept that.

  5. I am not feminine but I do have feminine face and body proportions, I don’t really have a particular taste for masculine wolves either but from experience their is a ton out their for the fem foxes out here in these woods. Just don’t get caught up in mess because you gonna have to weed out a ton of jackals. Looks do matter so invest in them no matter how much of a woman a vixen is, if she ugly then straight wolves don’t want her.

    Jamari you finally convinced me! I am going to actually get into this new gossip girl, I wasn’t convinced at first but if this is the mess that comes on, I am down.

  6. @John – Excuse me? Sir don’t put that jacket on me! My husband is out here, he just taking his sweet ass time 🙄

  7. Some of y’all getting upset at what John said, but let’s not act like there aren’t several men in our community out here in they 30s, 40s, 50s, plus and still single af.

    Let’s be real, the state of gay dating and relationships are tough and depressing. I mean where do I begin:
    –The community’s obsession with sex
    –No guide, rulebook, or blueprint on gay courtship and family building ‘cus you gay living in a straight world
    –DL men
    –Would be viable men if they didn’t come out late and are still going through they hoe phase
    –Men who never seem to leave they hoe phase
    –Men afraid of any sort of commitment
    –The open relationship/non-monogamy epidemic
    –Racist and Fetishizing non-black gays
    –Snow queens

    So, I understand where @John is coming from.

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