Rarri True, His Big Mouth, And His Thick Penis?

*the following entry is parental advisory.
nudes below and 18^

we created a monster.
rarri true,
or ferrari,
is doing a lot of talking.
too much.
the mystery is dead and the attentionisto has arrived.
he had two interviews about blac chyna…
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Tales of The Friend Who Got Up In A Baller Wolf’s End Zone

it’s no surprise that foxes,
and even wolves are now talking.

gossipnow that jason collins has come out and
kerry rhodes/peppermint peanut scandal was a trending hot topic,
it seems like more people are sharing their experiences with baller wolves.
one of my favs,
immanuel from “confessions of a downlow brother”,
shared a story about a baller wolf who got banged out by his friend…

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The Blind Was Led To Me

“hey wassup jamari.”
“who the hell is this?”


my rude ass,
but that is how it all started.
that was the text i got a few days ago.
didn’t know the number.
i wasn’t about to answer,
but something told me to.
who knew star fox would be involved in this…

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Is That The Lonely Talking Again…?

as i sit here in the dark,
candles lit,
nice r&b playing,
there is a nice chill,
…and i am somewhere alone.
i have sailed away to a place of pure solitude.
but, the silence is so loud that i need air plugs.
i look around at this bright canvas in front of me and I contemplate to write something.
my mind is all over the place.
i think of one sentence and it forms 17 others.
i need to let some feelings out though.
wait, what are you doing up, anyway?

well here goes…

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Why Did You Even Open Up That Big Fat Mouth?

Look at this picture:

What do you think now that you know the REAL deal?
Does it disappoint you?
Or, do you roll your eyes and laugh?
I am moreso looking at her face.
Her smile seems forced and her eyes scream, “EXIT!”.

That picture got me thinking about contradictions.
Why do people contradict themselves when they know their day will come?

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