Why Did You Even Open Up That Big Fat Mouth?

Look at this picture:

What do you think now that you know the REAL deal?
Does it disappoint you?
Or, do you roll your eyes and laugh?
I am moreso looking at her face.
Her smile seems forced and her eyes scream, “EXIT!”.

That picture got me thinking about contradictions.
Why do people contradict themselves when they know their day will come?

I believe in karma.
I believe what you put you in life, you will receive.
Are you ready for it?

Have you noticed that these gay hating pastors always end up being gay?
They spew all this hate and are later found out, shacked up with their gay boy toy at the W.
Or, if they are straight, promoting a healthy relationship…


How many of these actors and actresses try to promote positive lifestyles and are the opposite of it?

Why speak on something you dislike or “hate” and you are also doing it?

I never got that.
Do people learn their lessons when they are finally caught?
Or, do they do this out of insecurity and fear?
The Wolf who is playing straight but really gay…
The Vixen who is really a ho and playing the housewife…
Wolves claiming they are this “good man” and really not interested in a relationship…
The friend you trust but is secretly your enemy…

If you know you are doing wrong, why play right?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Why Did You Even Open Up That Big Fat Mouth?”

  1. It’s bullshit most of them just wana have their cake and eat it too. They wana put up a image like they all good but behind close doors. S/N LMAO at that Whitney pic

    1. Off topic: But I’ve always hated the saying, “can’t have your cake and eat it too”. In reality, it makes no damn sense and we should really think about some of these phrases that we perpetuate because many of them aren’t sound logic.

      A cake is meant to be eaten! Why bake it otherwise?! Let it spoil? When you (not YOU in particular) order one at a restaurant, what do you do with it?

      I will have it my cake and eat it too. It’s only natural!

  2. Well I think that its the nature of society in general
    Societies set standards for what is socially acceptable and not
    Issue is, as humans our desires can go against those standards
    So then the problem becomes Fulfilling Desire vs. Social Acceptance
    & Taking the road that is easiest!
    I guess people try to deny themselves publicly for acceptance
    While privately trying to cope/momentarily satisfying their desires
    I definitely feel for those people who torture themselves
    Usually doesn’t work out well unfortunately…
    Cold world we live in where people feel uncomfortable with themselves

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