So Spectacular Is Trying To Be Straight Again?

After this incident…

Wait not my Wolfie baby…
No this one:

I thought he went and hid under a rock.
Well he has a new video out where he is grindin’ once again


This still won’t make up for him asking Chris Brown and Trey Songz to twerk.
He is still at a -0 with this or any future efforts.

But kudos on that peen:

Why you had to go fuck up Spec!?
You was all good before PINK PANTIE DOMINATION!!

He could have well end it with a bang and get that sex tape poppin.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So Spectacular Is Trying To Be Straight Again?”

  1. Shit, this nigga will never be straight again. I don’t care how much he tries it’s just not going to happen. He’s still to me sexy tho.

  2. He never did it for me sorry but nice peen though. I’m sure he’ll make some wolf who likes to look at peen happy. Cause y’all know he a fox all da way

  3. The video would be jii sexy if I could mute it. He has a nice body, but the cornrows & grill are 2000 & late. But I know he could twerk on my d*ck! lol

        1. That’s what I do. I use magic shave cream. It works pretty well. Can’t do razors, and even clippers can give me bumps down there (sensitive skin) but I hate the bald look. Especially if I halfta get nude at like the doctors office or sumthin…It makes me feel like a porn star. They’re the only ones who go bald down there,,,Or folks trynna get rid of crabs.ha. I wonder if the doc thinks I’m

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