Rarri True, His Big Mouth, And His Thick Penis?

*the following entry is parental advisory.
nudes below and 18^

we created a monster.
rarri true,
or ferrari,
is doing a lot of talking.
too much.
the mystery is dead and the attentionisto has arrived.
he had two interviews about blac chyna…



“i have a hit record out right now.”
i think the kardashians need to be worried about him.
he has no filter and will definitely tell all their business.
he doesn’t want to vanish and loves the attention he is getting.
so much so,
a foxholer sent me alleged jack off pics from his ig live:

peep the couch and the background of the alleged pipe leakage:

are we convinced?

is this really happening rarri???
well fuck that rap nonsense.
give us what we want!
a closed mouth and a great sex tape!
s’all i’m saying.

lowkey: i’m about to have the f-bi stake out his ig.
more fuckery to cum?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Rarri True, His Big Mouth, And His Thick Penis?”

  1. Hopefully we get a full on picture i need to inspect it 👀 outside of that i truly don’t care to hear him speak or listen to him.

    Sidenote: that ombre color is cute on blac chyna i enjoy her style occasionally

  2. He is just as pathetic as I suspected. While he’s pretending to be straight, all his bed buddies need to go get tested.

  3. Why some of our people dye their hair blond is a mystery to me. The BIBLE states that blond hair is unclean, and that it is a plague.

  4. Ummm…..ew. Like I can tell his dick looks disgusting and very ugly. Like no ma’am no thank you! I’ll just collect my 200 dollars and please “don’t touch my hair!”

  5. Boys. Boys. Boys. When boys get some pussy they talk like kids in a candy shop. Another empty, vacuous, shallow MF who’s life is centered around who he fucks, and who fucks him. NEXT

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