Take A Trip With The Foxhole To “Ellenwood”

*before i start,
i want to give a shout out to the foxholer who allowed me to view this webseries.
thank you so much for the pass to view your content for foxhole review.

so today,
i was given the privilege to watch a new “for us” web series.
it’s called “ellenwood”.

this is the description:

“Rockwell has been dealt a challenging hand; he’s black, gay, and hood born and raised.

Rockwell is the son of a brutish cop, the pride and joy of a social media savvy mother-in-charge, and the younger brother of the brawny and brainy James. The brother’s bond is the epicenter of each other’s lives; no secrets between them. But all families have secrets, right?

Out in the streets, we meet a fresh out of jail Sinclair whose mystery is just as luring as his obsession with Rockwell. Sinclair takes us on a trip that will have us questioning reality all while doing his best to show Rockwell why two boys who barely made it out of remedial math are made for each other.”


well this is my review

when i watch a show,
or web series in this case,
i like to know the characters.
i want to feel like i either empathize with them,
can relate to their struggle,
or just hate theiir ass and wish for a quick death.
there are characters added that serve none of those things.
i felt that was the case with some in “ellenwood”.
there is a potential for an amazing story,
but there were a couple characters with question marks.
now they could be developed as the story goes on.
i think that may have been the idea of the writer,
but it definitely left me confused me at times.

aside from that small critique,
i was definitely tuned in to what was happening.
if i was over it,
i wouldn’t have watched the second episode.
aside from one sex scene that had me like “huh?”,
and some full frontal pipe leakage,
it didn’t over power the story.
there was a lot of eye candy as well.
you know i like good meat for my viewing digestion.

the brother with the thick new yawk accent>>>>
the uncle who was smashing the vixen stupid>>>>
the owner of this tail:


i was blown away at his bunz myself.
so guess what?
i’m giving the foxhole the exclusive to check it out.
that’s right!
you have a golden ticket to watch “ellenwood”:

“Welcome to Ellenwood – and you could be one of the lucky individuals to view all the current and future episodes for FREE. The first five lucky individuals to use the promo code “FOXHOLE” will be given access to all the episodes of Ellenwood on Vimeo. Thank you and good luck. Didn’t make the cut? Check out Ellenwood and more on www.TysonPlus.com for a small monthly fee.



Click the Buy-All Option
Apply Promo Code: FOXHOLE


i’d love to know your thoughts on it as well!
ellenwood stars:

devon toran
kristoff jones
mimi fletcher
ian styles
justen ruff
jalen boyette
ricardo nugent spake


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Take A Trip With The Foxhole To “Ellenwood””

  1. Awesome, thanks Jamari. I guess I was one of the first 5 since the promo code worked like charm. Now I just need to find the time to watch it.

  2. Thanks for the promo, I am excited to watch. I have only ever watched “about him” in terms of black gay shows.

      1. It said that the code expired and to contact the code provider…smh You have more daily readers than you know J. Next time ask for 10 free codes lol please

  3. If I’m not mistaken, the story line for this was on bgclive and it was an interesting read. (Yes the some of the stories on there are actually quite good lool)

  4. Just finished the first two episodes and I love it. I’m usually very critical of a lot of these gay black web series because most of them just seem like porn with repetitive gratuitous sex scenes and nudity with a little bit of story thrown in. But this show actually has a solid story and characters and the right amount of sexiness without being over the top pornographic. The acting is also really good. I’m definitely looking forward to future episodes

    1. I brought two episodes and I liked it as well. It was balanced perfectly. Also, unlike other series, the characters have a chemistry to them & I love the connection between the two brothers, the nosy mama and the strict dad.

  5. Well ain’t that sum shit. I’m usually the first on Vimeo to support Tyson and his stuff since I have a Vimeo page and don be buyin most of it and I missed this…😂 I’m really interested in Ugly People though, it looks dramatic and interesting. Something tense is bout to happen the way he was looking out da window…#troubledmanproblems

    Guess I’ll buy the first ep of Ellenwood and give it a review. I usually leave reviews if I like something (or what I didn’t)

  6. I just finished the first episode lasy night, i give it b- -b.
    Characters: the characters are pretty non descript, but i assume the director and screen writers will flesh them out a bit more as the series progesses, but as of now, they all seem pretty interchangeable.
    Acting: this was the weak link of the show. At least half of the actors seem like they are a doing a cold reading. I hope everyone becomes more comfortable and natural as the show progresses. Ps most of the men are beautiful.
    Plot: non so far, but to be fair the first episode is a setup episode. Introduce setting, characters, and relationships. The plot will come next episode I assume.
    Conclusion: the show so far is pretty dull, but i have faith it will find its groove. The acting is hit or miss but the eye candy helps the wooden acting. All and all, it’s worth a watch with curbed expectations.
    Ps thanks again Jamari!

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