“You’ll Be Dead Before U Turn 21”

i actually appreciate it when someone wishes ill on me.
after that,
life has a way of proving them wrong.
azealia banks has been out of control with so many.
they all continue to move forward and she…
so ^that tweet went viral yesterday and this was her response…

i love it.
legit laughed at how this made her look.
she further went on to tweet:

so she is an insufferable demon because her she wasn’t raised right?
sounds logical.
i’ll keep that in mind the next time someone else is nasty to me.

lowkey: that birthday tweet further banished her.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on ““You’ll Be Dead Before U Turn 21””

    1. And Khia stays hating on other females for no apparent reason. Remember she was thirsty asf for Papoose when Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj was beefing (and still is). Khia then went on to the TS Madison Instagram/Facebook live video show to address the situation and she was just……uhhhhhh……..just sickening asf and not in a good way. Anyway, I give zero effs to Kia Sorrento with her “section 8 P#$%!” and her “backyard bbq concert music” that she always release.

      1. No no darling Khia is smart and the rest y’all are dumb. Sorry for the rudeness. If pay attention Khia only does this when she has a project to promote. Other wise “Thug Mrs.” Is pretty quiet and just living life. She knows most people thrive in the negative media so essentially she uses the negative commentary to get you attention. Now if you were smart you would ignore Khia like you alot of people do her music, but instead people run to see what bullshit she is say all while promoting her new album and people eat it up. She know she is not a mainstream act so she won’t get press when she puts out a project. So this is her was to get publicity. Now I actually like some Khia’s music don’t really care for her commentary so I bypass it. I think others should do the same. As for Azealia she is trying to change. She just did an interview with “www.XXL.com” and really tell she is not going to get anywhere speaking before thinking, being rude & all around wacko. I think if people genuinely change we need to let them come from up under their mistakes. Plus her new song “Chi Chi” knocks. Question why do we let men come from up under extreme scandals (I. E. R.Kelly) but when it comes to women just speaking their mind no matter how ridiculous the statement we shame them forever?

  1. I honestly only thought about her recently because her songs popped up on my phone & she’s working w/ another artist i enjoy.

    I think her humor unlike her music is just shitty.

  2. What am I missing. She apologized, and offered a rationale for why she stated that. Can’t win for losing, I guess. We will drag our own people to the depths of hell (because we’re all in the waiting room that is this shit country) and forgive those who don’t look like us but are far more pathological.

    We’re just going to ignore that a person was so petty to put that on their cake and uplift it in celebration. Which one is sicker?

      1. But you’re feeding what you don’t want to grow. If you feel this way, how is it in the interest of your platform and brand to provide a platform what what you are stating you disapprove of.

    1. *cues in the race baiter hoteps*
      Azealia is a troll, so I don’t spare trolls. She’ll be back on her bullshit before you know it. Her gigs are drying up hence why she’s trying to revamp her image and the world has already gotten tired of her so I guess she is out of luck

      1. What’s a hotep? Aren’t you trolling me? I did neither addressed nor referenced you personally, AND whatever the fuck she is doing, IT MATTERS because you all are turning 15 minutes into 25 – 30. She obviously isn’t the problem, and if you would mindfully miss me with your unsolicited feedback, that’s be great.

      2. HOTEP is what you are and you will DEAL. You big mad? IDGAF who you were addressing, I saw bullshit & decided to speak on it. Once again you will DEAL. Making shit about race when it isn’t. The woman is a bonafide TROLL, idc what race she is. Troll has no race boundaries so kick rocks you loser!

  3. @96Queen. You interpreted my statement to be about race with you low-IQ, under-educated ass. I am responsible for what I express, not what you interpret. To be clear, I drew a contrast with respects to how we will persecute our own while offering white people unasked for forgiveness. If that hurt your assimilated feelings, you DEAL! You are NO BETTER than the person you are vilifying. Asshole.

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