Can The Snow Bunny Wear African Attire?

this entry about ^her.
so i was sent in the following from a foxholer.
i was curious on the opinions of this.
so ^that snow bunny is named jillisa lynn.
she is a playboy model and aspiring singer.
well her team decided to promote her in this…

never thought i would see a dashiki thot dress.
those in the motherland would be proud.
aside from all that word vomit in the status,
one of his squad members had to explain why this was happening next…

according to his ig,
is a:

celebrity mentor
conscious activist
“the evolution of the revolution”

it’s interesting that he is pushing this narrative.
being an “activist” and all.
let everyone tell it,
he is just doing his part in helping us move forward!
this is okay because at least he is pushing the message


lowkey: this is jillisa’s music for your listening pleasure…

britney spears should be scared.
well it sounds like everything out today.

i’m sure it will be a hit!


22 thoughts on “Can The Snow Bunny Wear African Attire?

  1. i am from Nigeria and to be honest most Africans could care less who wears our clothes, fabrics and styles etc, We actually like it. The only problem is when fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci etc appropriate and commercialize them for their benefits without any acknowledgement of the cultural heritage and local industries that have sustained those styles.

    1. The ones I’ve met would verbally assault a black person wearing one to just be trendy, I can only imagine what they’d do to a white person.

      I work with majority Nigerian women so I’m guessing the men might feel differently😒

  2. I tried two tkmes to respond to each question you asked and my drafts were deleted so I will point you to someone who could express to you the beauty and divinity and rich history of the African people better than I ever could: Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Watch the lecture “A Great And Mighty Walk” by him. It’s DEEP in History and I will leave two quotes by the Dr.:

    “Africans in the United States must remember that the slave ships brought no West Indians, no Caribbeans, no Jamaicans or Trinidadians or Barbadians to this hemisphere. The slave ships brought only African people and most of us took the semblance of nationality from the places where slave ships dropped us off.”


    “They laughed at your clothes and made you change your clothes. They laughed at your names and made you change your name. But most importantly, they laughed at your God and made you change your God.”

    Throw in Khalid Muhammed on the Phil Donahue show for good measure. Lol

    1. They laughed and then stole it for themselves.

      White people would’ve died out here if it wasn’t for the Native Americans and us. Lol

  3. She looks hot period. I don’t see a problem with the fact of wearing attire since Black folks wear “European attire” however, somethin is pretty strange bout this “woke” movement.I see a lotta woke but not a whole lot movement..if you catch my drift.

      1. She gets a pass from me too. I can’t really say anything bad becasue a lot of black people don’t know the rich history and culture that comes from a dashiki. They wear it for fashion. If it wasn’t the ‘in’ thing to wear right now, she wouldn’t of. That dashiki probably wouldn’t of been worn like that in Ghana or Cameroon so it doesn’t strike me as cultural appropriation.

        Jammy, you cannot compare a cultural dress of a group of people to high fashion brands. Yes, they are both lifestyles, but one denotes a type of lifestyle based on luxury and financial gain, while the other simply identifies a specific ethnic group rooted in culture. Anyone can buy and wear Gucci and Luis, but not everyone can pull off a sarong or a Sikh turban. Most outside that group wouldn’t want to.

      2. I’m just as guilty of this myself seeing folks wearing them and thinking the person wearing it was from Africa but come to find out it is “trendy”.

        As much flack as I’m going to get for say this, taking in “African styles” is something I have never thought much about. I don’t think it’s because ‘I’m not “woke” or whatever’. It’s just that I was raised to love the skin I’m in…I’m Black but not African and I love being Black because that’s who I am.

        I have some things I need for you to break down for me for better understanding. You seem pretty knowledgeable & I look forward in discussing something with someone about certain things.

        Can you explain to me what the culture of Africans mean to Black Americans in a country that was stolen from Native Indians? Africans were brought not only to America, but Brazil and the Caribbeans etc. What’s your take on Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Latino etc.. and what not and their adaptive cultures compared to Black in America?

        Is it wrong to identify as Black American?

        Why aren’t more Black Americans going back to Africa to learn more about the culture and experience it first hand or live there?

        My comment earlier was a little off when I mentioned the clothes cause I didn’t want to come off as brash.

        What do you think about the African slaves being structured by Europeans and taking in their lifestyles, religions, “clothing” and what not and being streamlined away from their own customs, Gods, and beliefs into (Baptist and Christianity..etc)?

        Do you think Trump will last his term of presidency?

  4. Beware of “woke” people that are really just envious of white privilege.

    They want the ability to oppress people (mostly minority women) and they believe their black penises are magical wands.

    They’ll throw the rest of us under the bus in a heartbeat.

    Like I told Jamari, she couldn’t even wear it respectfully.

    If Blac Chyna wore something like this she’d be all types of thots and hoes to these same “woke”, ashy hoteps.

  5. I follow raspy on IG, I am really surprised of him posting this. As for Brother Polight, two months ago he and “Dr” Umar Johnson got it heavy. Throwing shots hardbody. You see a whole other side of “Dr.” Umar. I’m sure you’ll find it on YouTube.

    1. ^the pretty vixen ex worships dr umar.
      he is also mentally abusive and an all around hyena.
      i’m not hearing good things when it comes to umar…

  6. Its going to be a pass from me. Lowkey it bothers me when black men set limitations for what is not okay for white men to do but once they start fucking or talking to or being attracted to white women those limitations are somehow nonexistent & we are asked to be okay with it because for some magical reason it “furthers” the race.

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