Double The Wolf; Double The Pleasure

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.46.23 PMso remember i sent an APB on who the wolf twins were from love and hiphop ny?
well my f-bi came through as usual.
everyone meet aaron and andrew,
the hardy twins”.
one is a “pretti boy” while the other is “legendary”.
i’m “horny”.

well look at this duplicate meat

tumblr_inline_mpbvutdhKD1qz4rgpi like the one with the chest chain tat.
“don’t trust any jigga with a chest chain tattoo.”
i mean shit,
i’d the pick the other one then.
look i’m delirious at all that meat coming at me in one setting.
its like getting a buy one; get one free special.


take your pick.

lowkey: i wonder what they do for a living?
they look like they have some bread.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Double The Wolf; Double The Pleasure”

  1. The day after the show I looked them up also, I couldn’t help myself man. Both of them got some nice muscles. Andrew aka Legendary Twin is my fav. I want him and I want him now lol. I get a vibe from him too….jk lol.

    1. Both of these guys are obviously fellow Wolves. I have a question for all you Foxes tho. Would you let both these guys come over to your spot and get it? Be honest. I’m just asking because I think an exception should come with twins. Everyone should be entitled to a lil fun.

      If I had the opportunity, I’d smash them both and send them home with wet asses. No shame.

    1. I think he posted about that last year NOACID.

      The twins are cute and all but they look bored in every photo.Do they ever smile.They probably came out of the womb making those faces.

      1. nah some producer guy just confirmed they are dating. NOT the same guy. Oh and Star tattoos are a big fucking NOOOOOOOOOOO

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