Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In Confusion

marriedterrell owens is off the market officially.
he married his blushing twitter bride,
rachel snider.
you read right...

Terrell Owens is officially off the market … ’cause the ex-NFL star just got MARRIED in a secret wedding in Norwalk, CA … TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story … 40-year-old Owens recently obtained a marriage certificate to get hitched to 33-year-old Rachel Snider, a former postal worker from Texas.

Now, we’ve learned the two swapped “I dos” during a very low key ceremony at the courthouse in Norwalk.

Sources tell TMZ Sports the ceremony was so down low, they didn’t even exchange rings … and raced in and out of the courthouse to avoid attention.

It’s T.O.’s first marriage — though he has 4 kids from previous relationships. She has 1.

tumblr_inline_mzvdh8VKNG1s732gjwhat kind of cell phone does she have?
i’m so confused at this random pairing.
is this a scheme?
does someone need a green card?
what’s really going on?
congrats tho.


lowkey: why is she more excited on her twitter than he is?
i’m not getting “we fuck like animals” from these two.
i get “she’s a super fan and im her desktop picture”.
i could be wrong.
i’ll keep my nose in this story as it develops.

story found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In Confusion”

  1. Congrats. However, he was never on the market for me anyway. He could be the last thing on the market and I still wouldn’t budge. All those baby mamas and drama, hell no. This marriage won’t even last 90 days lol.

  2. That pic of Terrel is not flattering.Black people, word of advice, we need to lay off the chap-stick.We have big lips so it’s really noticeable on us.Black women look fine because they’re women but Black men, oh lord.It looks like we’re wearing lip-gloss.Stop bathing your lips in chap-stick.It makes us look extra queenie.

    I just realized that it’s probably the camera glare making his lips look like that.Oh well, my point still stands.

    His bride to be is basic as fuck.He could do better.Hell, his baby mommas looked better than her.I’m sure one of them will take him back in a heart-beat.

  3. This whole marriage is giving me a reality TV show in the making. Both look dusty as hell in these pics. I guess they wanted a quick ceremony, maybe they splurged for the reception and from the looks of these two it was probably held in the Walmart Deli. Maybe its love. I need to tweet TO to find his address so I can send him a toaster. I wonder where are they honeymooning at? I know the country Alabama family members are giggling at this fuckery.

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