Arm Length and Skinny

10667817those long skinny ones can be the devil...
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The Pre-Baller Wolf Stars In “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”

pre baller wolf for lsu,
russell shepard,


may have a problem.
a big problem.
see it was lsu’s “exhibition of talent” day and he had to run the 40 yard dash.
before he ran,
one of the commentators made a huge discovery

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foXXX: In The Running To Be The Worlds Biggest Dick?

As a young Fox,
I have seen many dicks in my time.

“Where Is It?”,
“Where Do You Think That Is Going?”,
Mushroom Head,

(ok that did not come out right…)

But this Wolf may possibly has one of the biggest peen I have seen…

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Dear Chris Brown’s Penis

Well we have been expecting you.
You finally made your appearance to the public.
Not how your owner expected for you to be seen unfortunately (i think).
I am a little late to the party, but I cum to you with a question.

Why so glum?

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Jiffy Pop

I was lurking over @ my guilty pleasure, DG Source

(sends a shout out)

when I came across a sight for sore eyes.

… and sore eyes cause I was damn near about to cry.

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Mister Attitude = Gone.

Well my day went south.

I was trying for the life of me to find out where Mister Attitude went. I haven’t seen his ass for 2 weeks at work. The last time we spoke, he let me know that he also got down.

He was droppin’ subtle hints that he was interested me in…. And then, like a man, the muthafucka vanished!!!!!

Well, I found out today that he doesn’t work here anymore. I am a little sad by the news. I am going to miss seeing his sexy ass daily.

Well I guess I get to look at the other guys, but they are “straight” so ain’t nothing going down but a fuck fantasy and an invisible cigarette.

At least Mister Attitude was adapting to my attitude. I heard he has a social site page.

Should I add him?

I mean, we weren’t close like that but he knew who I was. I do not wanna look like a stalker. Not sexy at all

Whatcha think?


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