Who Wants To Dig In This NBA Allstar Buffet?

nba baller wolves seem to be on the come up.
you know nfl dominates when it comes fine ass wolves.
i was just thinking how fine some of the rising stars looked last night.
i got a buffet of allstars and pre-stars for you guys..

go head and fix you a plate…

when did carmelo anthony get so fine to me?
paul george and those lips…
i see a couple no names who i’d like to sit on…

can i take most of them to go??

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Who Wants To Dig In This NBA Allstar Buffet?”

    1. You in time out, lmao, I rolled on this comment. Damn thats cold bro, its a few I wouldnt kick out of bed on a cold night, hell on any night for that matter.

  1. The NBA is coming up in the looks department..but they cant hold a candle to those NFL players. I swear the NFL got to have some gay men in the front office of every team because those dude are fucking sexy. But dont sleep on the soccer players either…hell I just love men lol!

  2. Blake Griffin makes me swoon and his body is>>>>>>. But the NBA has nothing on the NFL but the NFL has nothing on soccer players. David Beckham, Cristiano Rinaldo, and Gerard Piqué>>>>>all

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